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Why you need amateur radio in your RV

We love to camp to get away from it all. But we do want to be able to get in touch with help should we need it when we are far off the beaten path. We all rely on cell phones when we’re out there in our RVs. But what happens when there is no […]Read More

My new Challenge: 100 miles on the North Country Scenic Trail

One of the great things about traveling North America in an RV is all the new opportunities you come across to experience the land and have adventures. So it is with the North Country National Scenic Trail, which I discovered this past weekend on a trip to Michigan's Upper Peninsula. I was on the trail to participate […]Read More

RT71 Reliable communications for the RVer

One of the neatest things about RVing is how it complements so many other hobbies like hiking, kayaking, photography and…. amateur radio. Yes, amateur radio, or ham radio is it is often called. There's a huge resurgence in the hobby these days with more people participating in the hobby that ever before. Joining me on […]Read More

Amateur Radio and the RVer

Thanks to the Internet and email, text messaging and Facebook updates, it’s easy to stay in touch with friends and family while traveling. But a very active group of RVers takes such connectivity to a whole new level, out-Interneting even the Internet when it comes to being able to communicate with the world. They take […]Read More

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