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RVing and boondocking in inland California

This year we're making a point of visiting inland California, in contrast to our usual dash to the Pacific Coast Highway, which we have done for six of our eight years of fulltiming, missing only the summer we spent at the Roadtrek factory helping build this Roadtrek, and our summer in Europe. This year we […]Read More

Livin’ the dream!

Many of us plan and dream about pulilng up roots, selling the sticks and bricks house and going fulltime in an RV. But what’s it like? A little scary, to be sure. But also very rewarding, as our guests this week share in an Episode we call… Livin’ the Dream. We met this couple last […]Read More

Camping in the Caldera – Our Volcanic Adventure

Well this is exciting – as we have moved north up the eastern side of the Sierras past Yosemite, we have entered the Long Valley Caldera, the remnants of a supervolcano eruption 760,000 years ago that blanketed the entire region with pyroclastic flows and volcanic ash as far east as Kansas. Yellowstone gets all the […]Read More

The Beekeeper of McElvoy Canyon

Whenever I get somewhere interesting in my travels, I start Googling around to look for information on the local situation in terms of history, geology, and whatnot. With the Internet at our disposal, there just isn't much excuse for seeing places and not knowing what you're looking at. Sometimes this Googling around leads me down […]Read More

Camping in the Shadow of Mount Whitney

We finally ended our month-long stay in New Mexico when faced with the prospect of multiple days of rain. Trouble was, it was also raining in Arizona, so we had to keep heading west across the Colorado Plateau in the on-and-off drizzle, past the meteor crater and Flagstaff, refueling in Kingman because we knew the […]Read More

Using elevation for perfect weather in New Mexico

We started out for the year in late March, which allowed us to take the more northerly I-40 route across the country instead of the southern border hugging I-10 route. We angled up through Texas, stopping in Crockett to locate the grave of my long-lost great-grandmother, and spent the night in the rich cultural milieu […]Read More

Think Like a Mechanic and Save on Repairs

I know many of you Roadtrek owners are feeling a bit apprehensive now that the company is no longer in business, worried about getting repairs done, but take heart. There's a surprising amount of things you can puzzle out yourself and save big bucks on repairs. Let me walk you through a problem I just […]Read More

New Upholstery for my Sprinter Seats

I tended to “accumulate” things as I swung by the factory periodically, and one of the things I got was a new set of seat upholstery for my two (and only) seats. A year ago I bought some aftermarket foam-backed cloth covers that go over the original seat upholstery, so the need wasn't pressing, but […]Read More

Chasing a Plumbing Leak in my Sprinter van

I had an eventful day solving a problem I always dreaded – a water leak in my Class B Sprinter campervan. The water pump was coming on briefly every 15-20 seconds, no matter how much I tried to get all the air out of my system. It could have been just a bit of debris […]Read More

Finding a Metal Faucet for Sprinter Galleys

OK, I admit it. I am just too rough on these plastic faucets that come with the SMEV/Dometic sinks in some Sprinter galleys. I've just broken my third one in four and a half years of fulltiming in my 2014 CS Adventurous. The last plastic one I put in came courtesy of Amazon since I […]Read More

Replacing the Sprinter Blower Fan

This is an easy repair that I did as part of my over-the-winter maintenance work while I'm driveway camping in Florida. I had ordered the motor last July so it was sitting here waiting for me when I arrived. I had been having problems with the original fan motor since shortly after I got my […]Read More

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