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Water Conservation in Your RV

Water conservation in your RV is very important if you are going to enjoy boondocking. One thing that will detract from your enjoyment of the wilderness is running out of water, especially when the nearest supply is far away. The camping location in the photo is perfect, except that the nearest source of drinking water […]Read More

RV Podcast 240: How to RV fulltime as a family

It’s estimated that there are a million plus fulltime RVers out there, traveling North America and living pretty much fulltime in their RVs. And those ranks are growing more and more every day. Jennifer and I have noticed this in our travels. We are meeting more fulltimers on seemingly every trip and many of them […]Read More

Episode162: How to fulltime RV on your Social Security

In this episode of the RV Podcast we’ll talk to an expert on how to fulltime RV on $1,500 a month, even less if you follow some of the tips you’ll hear on our interview of the week segment…coming up. Also in this episode, lots of practical, how-to RV tips and advice, your questions and […]Read More

Trips: Wide Open RV Spaces at Rockhound State Park, New Mexico

Here's a real treat for the early part of the camping season, a desert location that's open all year, is warm enough to camp in without freezing temperatures by early March, and has beautiful scenery. We have been here three times in March so far, and usually end up staying until they kick us out […]Read More

C’mon In! An RV Show Sans RV Show

At home, if a stranger is walking down your street, you don’t invite them in for a home tour. But at a campground, well, things are a little different. If you hang around outside someone’s rig long enough, there’s a good chance you’ll get an invite for a tour. And you might do the same […]Read More

An Affordable Long Term RV Resort in Florida

I was tired of taking a half hour to get dressed in my snow gear to walk the dog.  Being half Husky, she loved the weather- but I could take only so much.  So I packed Olga, my trusty RT Adventurous, threw in the kibble, the dog and off we went.  South. I met Mike […]Read More

Crazy Idea #538 – Take Your RV to Europe

OK, I come up with some crazy ideas from time to time, and this one has been wandering around in my head for years now, so I might as well tell y'all about it – goodness knows it's too late to try to persuade the world that I'm a conventional, normal person. I want to […]Read More

Fulltime RVing – Do You Ever Get Bored?

There was no shortage of opinions on our plan to sell our belongings and hit the road fulltime back three years ago. A fair number of our friends thought we were crazy. Most of my family held the opinion that we would come to our senses and settle down after a few months, but inquiries […]Read More

Modify Your RV for Fulltiming – Ergonomics and Comfort

I've covered the high-tech modifications I made to my Roadtrek when I set out to modify it for fulltiming – solar power, internet and TV satellite dishes, a big inverter and extra batteries, etc. What I'd like to do now is look at the little, low-tech things that are just as important but not as […]Read More

Search and Rescue Support, RV-Style

All I really wanted to do was hide out and avoid the excitement of the upcoming 4th of July weekend.  I failed. I've been camped for three days at the end of Forest Road 2124, a little spur off the Beartooth Highway on the plateau at 10,164 feet along the Montana-Wyoming border. Things were nice […]Read More

Fulltiming – What’s Hard and What’s Easy

On August 9, 2010 my wife Sharon and I and Fiona the Fearless Kitty got in our 2003 Roadtrek 190 Popular and headed out to… nowhere special.  After configuring our campervan for extended boondocking capability with solar panels, an inverter, and extra batteries, we had cut our earthly ties and were embarking on an endless […]Read More

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