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The Appeal of Quartzsite RV Camping

What's so special about Quartzsite RV camping, anyway? Let us tell you… The big Quartzsite RV show is on in 2021, this very week as a matter of fact.. While we are not attending, we thought we'd tell you about the town, why it is such a great place to visit and how you can […]Read More

RV Living 101: Our Complete Guide to the Most Helpful RV Resources

Keeping the RV Lifestyle carefree means having easy access to helpful RV Living resources. That's why we're publishing this RV Travel master list. Be sure to bookmark and share it! Jennifer and I have spent years collecting them. So bookmark this post. We know it will come in handy sometime. RV Living 101: Road and […]Read More

Where to find FREE or Cheap RV Sites Camping (2021)

Here's a HUGE list of Free or Cheap RV Sites & Camping Locations! This has been a crazy year for RVers. With so many newbies turning to RVing and Camping because of COVID-19 concerns, campgrounds have become overcrowded and overpriced. 2021 is going to be even more crazy busy! Frankly, given the current state of […]Read More

RV Podcast 243: Our complete guide to free or almost free camping

 With the upcoming long Memorial Day weekend kicking off the 2019 camping season, a lot of RVers are going to be frustrated to discover no vacancy signs and if they do get a spot, overcrowded and expensive campgrounds that offer far from the idyllic getaway they hoped for. We can help. In this episode, you’ll […]Read More

Episode 197: How to Camp for Free

Camping fees are skyrocketing. It’s common to pay $30 a night at state parks, nearly $50 at commercial campgrounds. Even close to $100 a night at some of the resort-style campgrounds.  Many of us think there is a better way. A free way, in fact. And this week on the podcast, we sit down with […]Read More

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