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A Case Study in Serendipity Travel: Perry, Georgia

I've written before on our travel style – Serendipity, or just seeing what we come across and stopping whenever something interests us. I've shared how every place we've been – and I really mean every place – has a story to tell, interesting things to see if you just take the time. People email us […]Read More

Back to Nature: Florida Roadtreking and RV Fun

I am tired! The good kind. It’s been a busy time here at the “Back to Nature” rally in Crystal River, Fla.   I got here the night before the official start day. I usually don’t like long drives, but it was one of those days where I kept thinking, “it’s not that far, I can […]Read More

Laura’s 8 Reasons to RV Rally

Recently, after my 2 week, unplanned, solo trip to the Black Hills, I tried something new. I attended my first Roadtrek International rally.  It was a smallish (under 50 people), Region 7 rally held in Hutchinson, KS which is not far from my home in Kansas City.  I thought I would zip over, since I […]Read More

Live from the FMCA High Desert Reunion

We've been in Redmond, OR most of the week attending the Family Motor Coach Association 90th Family Reunion and Motorhome Showcase (a rally). The aerial photo above, taken by the FMCA, shows the 1,500 coaches parked here at the Deschutes County Fair & Expo Center. There's about 3,000 people here and, like all such big […]Read More

Checking off the RV Travel bucket list

I'm about to check off a couple more items from our RV travel bucket list, trips that will take us coast to coast on a summer travel schedule that will have us going from Cape Cod to the Oregon coast, with numerous stops and detours along the way. The Cape Cod trip is from June […]Read More

Amateur Radio and the RVer

Thanks to the Internet and email, text messaging and Facebook updates, it’s easy to stay in touch with friends and family while traveling. But a very active group of RVers takes such connectivity to a whole new level, out-Interneting even the Internet when it comes to being able to communicate with the world. They take […]Read More

Wanderlust – Here she goes again

Maps? Check. Shorts? Check. Binoculars, scope and camera? Check. Canine Co-pilot who can’t read a map worth a darn? Check. Olga, my trusty Roadtrek camper, is ready to be de-iced, gassed up and loaded for trekking. I received an invitation that I couldn’t refuse from the Godfather of the Gulf. One of my Roadtrek Facebook […]Read More

Live from the FMCA Roadtrek International Rally in Kissimmee, FL

As part of our blogging, we now have the ability to do live videos and interviews with folks of interest to the Roadtreking world. With that, we can answer questions, too. The videos are broadcast as live events on the Net, but also available for later playback on demand from You Tube. The first one […]Read More

An RV boom town in a Western Boom Town

Gillette, Wyoming is a certified American boom town. It's 30,000 residents have grown by a whopping 48% in the past decade as this western city has become the nation's self-declared “energy capital of America,” thanks to its vast quantities of  coal, oil and coal bed methane gas. But today, it just grew by thousands more as […]Read More

Tell me where to go: Help plan my RV trip to Wyoming

It's time to head west to Wyoming and, eventually, Yellowstone National Park. And this year, instead of repeating past routes, I thought it would be fun to get your suggestions, to crowd source our trip by drawing on the collected wisdom of our readers. In other words, tell me where to go. Here's the particulars: […]Read More

The story of Roadtreking.com: Serendipity RVing

“How'd you end up doing this?” If I could have had a quarter for every time we've been asked that about our roadtreking.com RV blog we could buy another motorhome. But since enough people seem to be interested….Here's how: This Roadtreking RV blog is a dream come true for me. Decades in the making, but now being […]Read More

Jennifer’s Take: Why I don’t drive our RV very much

This is a guest post from Jennifer, Mike's wife. And it comes after Angie, one of this blog's regular readers, asked me to share my experiences driving our Roadtrek Type B motorhome. Mike has noted a couple of times that I dont drive it much so I've agreed to explain why. First, let me say […]Read More

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