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Roadtreking From Sea to Shining Sea in Six Hours

I traveled coast to coast today – by RV – in about six hours. OK, it's not the usual transcontinental trip, but I crossed many different ecosystems and still arrived in time to cook dinner. I drove from the St. Joseph Peninsula State Park on the Gulf of Mexico to Gamble Rogers State Recreational Area […]Read More

RT018: Getting Ready for the 2015 RV Travel Season

Are you ready for the 2015 RV season? Now's the time to plan and in this episode of the Roadtreking RV Podcast, I share not only a great destination for you to check out – with a must-visit “sweet” side trip to take –  but also talk to Toby Hedges, KOA's marketing director, who shares […]Read More

006 RV Podcast: The Migration of the Snowbirds

It's underway – the annual migration of the Snowbirds , with an estimated 2-5 million RVers  heading to the South and Southwest. That's the featured topic in Episode 006 of Roadtreking the RV Podcast. Snowbirds typically spend three to five months in the warm climates. It's a dream lots of us have. We cover lots […]Read More

Naples and Southwest Florida: Where it’s always warmer

Naples, Florida is the crown jewel of Southwest Florida, a west gulf coast town known for upscale dining and shopping, designer golf courses, awesome boating and fishing and the best weather in a state that is built around tourism and sunny skies. It's always 10 to 20 degrees warmer here than most other places in […]Read More

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