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When will RV Shows start again? [We miss them!]

Missing RV Shows? This has not been a normal year but even so, are you wondering when will RV Shows will start again? This should be the start of an exciting new RV Show season. Instead, with all major RV shows and exhibitions closed for going on six months because of the pandemic, nothing is […]Read More

The Florida RV Supershow sets the tone for 2013 RVing

The RV promotion industry may argue over bragging rights to what is the biggest show of the year but if you poll both dealers and fans, it becomes pretty clear that in terms of influence, size and excitement, the annual Florida RV Supershow this week at the Florida State Fairgrounds in Tampa is the one […]Read More

Shakedown cruise: Getting used to my new RV

We were deep in the piney woods of Southwest Georgia, a half mile off a red dirt road, parked in a small clearing not far from our deer blind. It was the last weekend of Georgia's months-long deer season and Matthew, who just took up hunting as any good Southern boy does, had invited me […]Read More

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