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Taking a Break at Gamble Rogers

Sharon, Fiona and I have been back from Europe since mid-October, and have been reunited with our Roadtrek since mid-November, but driveway camping gets old in a hurry for us. The satisfaction of being back in our Roadtrek wore off, and it began to feel like a grind. Actually, it WAS a grind – my […]Read More

Hurricane Damage at Florida’s Gamble Rogers State Park

While we were noodling down the eastern seaboard, enjoying the fall foliage in the Shenandoah, things were a bit more hectic for my family here in northeastern Florida. Hurricane Matthew came up the coast just offshore in mid-October, spreading a half foot or more of rain and 70-80 mile per hour winds throughout the area. […]Read More

The REAL Winter Freezout Camping Adventure

I hear Mike Wendland and Yan Seiner have been trying to convince people to wander off somewhere way up north and freeze to death in a few weeks, and have a much more attractive alternative to propose. How about a Freezeout in Florida? I'm already down here and am all set up for the next […]Read More

Roadtreking From Sea to Shining Sea in Six Hours

I traveled coast to coast today – by RV – in about six hours. OK, it's not the usual transcontinental trip, but I crossed many different ecosystems and still arrived in time to cook dinner. I drove from the St. Joseph Peninsula State Park on the Gulf of Mexico to Gamble Rogers State Recreational Area […]Read More

Bead Fatigue and Other RV Thoughts From the South

Random RV thoughts on the south: It’s been one month on the road in Florida, Mississippi and Louisiana, mostly along the gulf coast. – It’s so great, that even animals have fun. I’ve seen gators sunbathing and big otters playing in estuaries. I’ve watched dolphins cavorting in the early morning. Deer and raccoons have been […]Read More

Back to Nature: Florida Roadtreking and RV Fun

I am tired! The good kind. It’s been a busy time here at the “Back to Nature” rally in Crystal River, Fla.   I got here the night before the official start day. I usually don’t like long drives, but it was one of those days where I kept thinking, “it’s not that far, I can […]Read More

RV Trip: Tarpon Springs, Florida

Recently, on a five week trip down south in my RT Adventurous, I visited my friend in Clearwater for a few days.  Jackie has been down there a few years and knows all the best spots to go- one of which was Tarpon Springs. I hadn’t read about it, but a lot of folks had […]Read More

An Affordable Long Term RV Resort in Florida

I was tired of taking a half hour to get dressed in my snow gear to walk the dog.  Being half Husky, she loved the weather- but I could take only so much.  So I packed Olga, my trusty RT Adventurous, threw in the kibble, the dog and off we went.  South. I met Mike […]Read More

How I Get Spots at High-Demand Campgrounds

If I actually live anywhere, I live in Florida, along with 20 million other people. I also am in residence over the holidays and into spring, which is peak snowbird season here, so to say it's hard to get a decent campsite down here on short notice is an understatement. However, I'm finishing up my […]Read More

Little Talbot Island State Park

A half-hour trip from the million or so people in the northeast Jacksonville, FL area there's an isolated barrier island where you can get away from it all – Little Talbot Island State Park. We headed up there last week for a few days, and enjoyed the break from city life. Fortunately, not enough people […]Read More

The Manatees of Florida’s Blue Springs

There are few animals as universally popular and liked as much as the Florida Manatee. Yet there are few animals in more danger. The Florida Manatee, a large and slow moving aquatic animal, is protected by the federal Engangered Species Act of 1973, primarily because they are too big and slow to get out of […]Read More

Naples and Southwest Florida: Where it’s always warmer

Naples, Florida is the crown jewel of Southwest Florida, a west gulf coast town known for upscale dining and shopping, designer golf courses, awesome boating and fishing and the best weather in a state that is built around tourism and sunny skies. It's always 10 to 20 degrees warmer here than most other places in […]Read More

Florida’s First Coast – History Lessons Among the Dunes

I am camping at Gamble Rogers Memorial State Recreation Area, a treasured reservation for snowbirds fleeing the brutal winter weather up North. I'm surrounded by Yankees walking around with blissful smiles on their faces in the 60 degree temperatures and sunshine here on Florida's first coast. Because I have lived near here for decades, I've […]Read More

Florida Winter Camping

As a native Floridian, I'm in a good position to jump on targets of opportunity that pop up over the winter here, and I just snagged three nights at one of the most coveted camping locations in the Sunshine State – Gamble Rogers Memorial State Recreational Area. Here's a photo of our setup at the […]Read More

There’s a dusting of snow on my RV

The first accumulating snow of the season fell last night near my Michigan home and as I look out at my motorhome sitting on the driveway, I swear I hear it calling me to get out of town and get warm. Alas, as I look out, that's all I can do. Look. I'm standing with […]Read More