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Taking a Break at Gamble Rogers

Sharon, Fiona and I have been back from Europe since mid-October, and have been reunited with our Roadtrek since mid-November, but driveway camping gets old in a hurry for us. The satisfaction of being back in our Roadtrek wore off, and it began to feel like a grind. Actually, it WAS a grind – my […]Read More

Hurricane Damage at Florida’s Gamble Rogers State Park

While we were noodling down the eastern seaboard, enjoying the fall foliage in the Shenandoah, things were a bit more hectic for my family here in northeastern Florida. Hurricane Matthew came up the coast just offshore in mid-October, spreading a half foot or more of rain and 70-80 mile per hour winds throughout the area. […]Read More

The REAL Winter Freezout Camping Adventure

I hear Mike Wendland and Yan Seiner have been trying to convince people to wander off somewhere way up north and freeze to death in a few weeks, and have a much more attractive alternative to propose. How about a Freezeout in Florida? I'm already down here and am all set up for the next […]Read More

Roadtreking From Sea to Shining Sea in Six Hours

I traveled coast to coast today – by RV – in about six hours. OK, it's not the usual transcontinental trip, but I crossed many different ecosystems and still arrived in time to cook dinner. I drove from the St. Joseph Peninsula State Park on the Gulf of Mexico to Gamble Rogers State Recreational Area […]Read More

Bead Fatigue and Other RV Thoughts From the South

Random RV thoughts on the south: It’s been one month on the road in Florida, Mississippi and Louisiana, mostly along the gulf coast. – It’s so great, that even animals have fun. I’ve seen gators sunbathing and big otters playing in estuaries. I’ve watched dolphins cavorting in the early morning. Deer and raccoons have been […]Read More

Back to Nature: Florida Roadtreking and RV Fun

I am tired! The good kind. It’s been a busy time here at the “Back to Nature” rally in Crystal River, Fla.   I got here the night before the official start day. I usually don’t like long drives, but it was one of those days where I kept thinking, “it’s not that far, I can […]Read More

Housesitting – A Full-timer Looks at How the Other 99 Percent Live

I'm down in Florida visiting my family for the holidays as I have done for the fifth time since I started full-timing in August of 2010, but instead of driveway camping like I usually do, there's a difference this time — nobody's home inside. My sister is in Japan for a month having her first […]Read More

RV Trip: Tarpon Springs, Florida

Recently, on a five week trip down south in my RT Adventurous, I visited my friend in Clearwater for a few days.  Jackie has been down there a few years and knows all the best spots to go- one of which was Tarpon Springs. I hadn’t read about it, but a lot of folks had […]Read More

An Affordable Long Term RV Resort in Florida

I was tired of taking a half hour to get dressed in my snow gear to walk the dog.  Being half Husky, she loved the weather- but I could take only so much.  So I packed Olga, my trusty RT Adventurous, threw in the kibble, the dog and off we went.  South. I met Mike […]Read More

How I Get Spots at High-Demand Campgrounds

If I actually live anywhere, I live in Florida, along with 20 million other people. I also am in residence over the holidays and into spring, which is peak snowbird season here, so to say it's hard to get a decent campsite down here on short notice is an understatement. However, I'm finishing up my […]Read More

Little Talbot Island State Park

A half-hour trip from the million or so people in the northeast Jacksonville, FL area there's an isolated barrier island where you can get away from it all – Little Talbot Island State Park. We headed up there last week for a few days, and enjoyed the break from city life. Fortunately, not enough people […]Read More

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