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Back to Nature: Florida Roadtreking and RV Fun

I am tired! The good kind. It’s been a busy time here at the “Back to Nature” rally in Crystal River, Fla.   I got here the night before the official start day. I usually don’t like long drives, but it was one of those days where I kept thinking, “it’s not that far, I can […]Read More

An Affordable Long Term RV Resort in Florida

I was tired of taking a half hour to get dressed in my snow gear to walk the dog.  Being half Husky, she loved the weather- but I could take only so much.  So I packed Olga, my trusty RT Adventurous, threw in the kibble, the dog and off we went.  South. I met Mike […]Read More

On an RV Road Trip you better be ready for the unexpected

In the immortal words of Roseanne Rosaennadanna,  “It’s always something!” A Roadtrekking friend, Pogo, invited a bunch of us (Facebook: Roadtreking the Group), down to his place in Gautier, MS for a Mardi Gras get together, and I decided this would be a wonderful way to kick off the 2014 travel season.  Plus, I have […]Read More

What is That Roadtrek Doing in Chicago?

Whew, I have been doing some traveling. After spending quite some time in New England, I drove west into New York State. After spending a couple nights on the shores of Lake Ontario with a fellow Roadtreker, Pauline I have begun to move west. Well a little bit south (Granville, Ohio) and then west. Granville […]Read More

On the road with the first trip in our Roadtrek

My wife Jennifer calls it our “tent on wheels.” She means it in a nice way. “When the curtains and blinds are pulled, you can't even tell this is a motor home,” she just noted. She's right. As I write this, we are really roadtreking in our Roadtrek, on the road and snugly ensconced in […]Read More

Almost ours

Monday is when we take possession. We have a previously scheduled Florida vacation scheduled with family for the week after and will be driving down three days after we take possession. So do we take the new Roadtrek? Is a Michigan-to-Florida trip a little too ambitious for our first outing? Jennifer wants to slowly get […]Read More