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Is this the end of the 2020 Camping Season?

The 2020 Camping Season is shutting down pretty much everywhere you go north of the Mason Dixon Line this weekend. And what a year it has been? There were shutdowns and forced closings, confusing partial openings, long lists of social distancing and cleaning requirements, the great debate over masks, and never-ending waves of pandemic-weary new […]Read More

Campskunk and Sharon Made it Back to the Maine Coast

After leaving the Roadtrek factory last week, we headed east down the St Lawrence, crossed southern Quebec, and entered Maine through a one-man border crossing far up in the hills on Highway 27. We came down the valleys through beautiful fall foliage, heading for the coast, because we wanted to go back to Pleasant River […]Read More

Fall Camping in the Shenandoah

When we came out to the east coast we headed straight to Assateague National Seashore, but weren't able to stay there. For one thing, Hurricane Matthew had dumped 16 inches of rain the week before, and even though it's all sand, the island was still waterlogged, and a third of the campsites were flooded. More […]Read More

Autumn Comes to the Coast

It was more of a feeling than anything specific you could put your finger on last week – I was out before dawn here on the Oregon coast, and looked up to see winter stars – Orion hanging above the brightening eastern horizon. That I could see stars was unusual in itself here. Most mornings […]Read More

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