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Our Bags are Packed, We’re Ready to Go

Wow, that really went smoothly. After spending Saturday afternoon and all day Sunday getting it ready, We dropped the Roadtrek off at the port Monday morning. Thanks to my precise calculations, the propane ran out five minutes after we had washed up and cooked our last big meal Saturday, and we warmed up the leftovers […]Read More

Working Our Way Through the French Countryside

We are coming up the east side of France, hopping from one municipal aire du camping to another, with our plane ride home now just a week away.  What we have been doing is drive for three or four hours a day, which is 100-150 miles on these tiny non-toll roads, and aim for the […]Read More

We Head North, Back to Antwerp – Our Adventure is Ending

So what have we been up to in the last week or so, since our exciting time in Santiago De Compostella? Well, Sharon wanted to bag another country, so we headed down the Atlantic coast and crossed into Portugal. We found a mostly-empty beachfront campground just north of Porto called Arvore, right on the ocean […]Read More

We Get Lost in Santiago de Compostela

This northern coast of Spain has been quite an adventure! We took a couple of days to cross it, and the scenery is amazing – mountains coming down to the ocean all across the entire width of Spain. We would drive a hundred miles, or maybe a couple of hundred if the roads were good, […]Read More

Fall Comes to the Dordogne Region of France

I'm more attuned to the changing seasons than most sticks and bricks dwellers because I'm out and about many times a day, and I pick up on changes that slip by other people. I've written about signs of the changing seasons when I was out on the Oregon Coast. Now I'm on another continent, but […]Read More

Down the Loire Valley and South to Perigueux

We have been driving west from the French-German border at Strasbourg, staying in municipal aires du camping and enjoying the French countryside. I set the GPS for no toll roads, since we aren't in a hurry and want to see the countryside, and it's great. You just have to get used to a 35 mph […]Read More

West Across the Rhine and Into France

After leaving the Hymer museum we drove south to Lake Constance, a glacial lake at the foot of the Swiss Alps. We stayed in a commercial campground there for a couple of days, which was inhabited entirely by Germans instead of the usual international mixture – summer's over, and it's just the locals now. I […]Read More

Hymer Museum – Part One

I'm overwhelmed with all the beautiful cars and RVs I saw yesterday at the Hymer Museum in Bad Waldsee, Germany, and wanted to show y'all some of the sights I have seen. The museum is located right across from the Hymer factory, and was Erwin Hymer's idea (and money), but it covers all manufacturers. You […]Read More

Campskunk’s Nuremberg Visit

We said farewell to the Rhine and its castles and headed east from Wiesbaden on E45, the Interstate 40 of Europe. It was full of big trucks with German, Polish and Romanian tags. Driving was a bit harrowing as there were several spots where they were doing road construction (it's summer, the best time for […]Read More

Following the Rhine Upstream

From Denmark we are slowly working our way south along the western border of Germany, which means that we are following the Rhine valley. We first hit the Rhine near the small town of Xanten, near the border with the Netherlands, and were immediately impressed with 1) how big the Rhine is, and 2) how […]Read More

Campskunk and Sharon Go North Into Denmark

We finished up our eight day stay in Hamburg on the Elbe and got our 10,000 mile service at the Hamburg Sprinter dealer, which is what we were waiting around for anyway, and struck out north up the A23 motorway, which follows the North Sea coast up into the part of the Jutland Peninsula that […]Read More

Campskunk Plugs In – In Europe!

OK, OK, I weakened. I've been going along fine for months without shore power, but Sharon was intent on sitting in one particular riverfront spot for days – under a tree, of course, so we got no solar – so I had to figure something out about the electricity. I can sit for a day […]Read More

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