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Why we like boondocking deep in the woods

One question we get a lot when we talk about our love of being off the beaten path and away from everyone is, “Why? What do you do there.” Let me share a typical boondocking jaunt for us, very deep in the woods, in the middle of the Pigeon River Country State Forest Area at […]Read More

Great Lakes Shoreline Tour – Crossing Lake Michigan

Our Roadtrek has its sea legs. Sometimes, to really appreciate something, you have to immerse yourself in it. So it was with Lake Michigan on a trip  around the Great Lakes Region some time ago on our Verizon Great Lakes Shoreline Roadtreking tour. No, we didn’t go swimming in it. Instead of getting wet in the lake, […]Read More

Where do you park your RV?

The snow is gone and the five foot high banks that formed a wall along the driver's side of our Roadtrek has melted away. As I look at it sitting there on it's special little apron in the driveway, I can almost hear it calling: “Take me someplace fun. Now.” But when I snapped this […]Read More

Decorating the RV for Christmas

Every year since we were married more than 40 years ago, Jennifer and I have made our way to the little town of Frankenmuth, MI at the base of the Michigan Mitt's Thumb region where we pay a visit to Bronner's – the world's largest Christmas store. Doubtless you've seen the signs along the interstates, […]Read More

RV Photo Shoot: The Animals of the West

I've spent much of the past few weeks editing and distilling down the 2,800-plus photos I've taken on our western trips over the past couple of years and thought I'd share my top 12 favorite photos of  the animals of the West with you. I have truly embraced photography now as my main hobby and as we traveled […]Read More

Campskunk Returns to Roadtrek HQ in Kitchener

Last you heard I was out on the Pacific coast enjoying the last few days of summer. For the past week or so, you heard… nothing. The reason for the radio silence can now be revealed – I stopped back by the factory to say hi to everybody, and pick up a few things and […]Read More

How We Roll: Bath Towels and Outdoor Chairs

In this edition of How We Roll, Jennifer and I tackle questions from readers asking about how we dry bath towels while we're on the road. Jennifer shows some hooks I attached with stick-on tape and a very simple but effective bungee cord clothesline we have in the bathroom. She also recommends fast-drying micro fiber […]Read More

Travels with the eTrek: A Photo Montage

Like a lot of RVers, I've been reviewing memories and photographs over the past couple of years. That's what we do during the down time: Go back and look at our photos and thus get excited by the places we'll be going once the weather arms up. If you're like me, I bet you have […]Read More

What’s Underneath Your Roadtrek?

Sure, it's nice to look at the shiny paint and lovely interiors of these new Roadtrek models, but the real exciting stuff for us technogeeks is what's underneath. Since you probably don't have a lift in your garage, I'll show you what the bottom of a Roadtrek looks like, and go over some of the […]Read More

Potholes: Worst year ever

It's not just the snow and ice that have been setting records in northern states and provinces this winter: So have potholes. Before setting off on a long trip south yesterday, I stopped by my local tire shop to check the air in my Roadtrek eTrek's tires. While doing so, I noted how busy the […]Read More

My new StowAway cargo carrier for our RV

The one frustration we've had with our Type B motorhome is the limited storage space for the extra gear we would like to have with us on extended trips. So, after a lot of looking and the strong recommendations of our pal Campskunk, I purchased the StowAway2 Max Cargo Box for our Roadtrek eTrek. At […]Read More

An RVing trip to the Beargrease Dog Sled Marathon

I think I have become a big fan of winter RVing. And dog sled races. Last year, we reported on the Michigan UP 200 dog sled race. Our friend and fellow Roadtreker Gary Hennes met us up there and told us about the Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon in Duluth, which is the longest such sled […]Read More

RVing into the Arctic Vortex, Part 2

It took two days and 700 miles – all of it in the face of bitter cold and most of it on snow covered and slippery roads – but we finally made it to Minnesota and saw not a single other RV on the road. “They don't know what they are missing.” I said to […]Read More

Driving the Sprinter RV in extreme cold

What a winter this has been. The arctic vortex or whatever we call the cold air that has been making repeated appearances throughout the Upper Midwest has kept many an RVer housebound before the fireplace. Not us. We're about to head up to Northern Minnesota along the Lake Superior northern shore where the temperature is […]Read More

How We Roll in Our RV: Removing Pet Hair

Yesterday it was bad pet breath, today, readers want to know how we remove pet hair from our RV. Jennifer and I share how we clean up after our Norwegian Elkhound, Tai. It's not rocket science. Having leather seats can help. We throw a cover over them, then shake the hair out each day. As for […]Read More

A Crock-Pot cooker for our RV: Recipes wanted!

It's hard to believe how much a $15 purchase from Amazon can brighten your day. But such it was for us when we found the perfect-sized crockpot for our RV. It was exactly what we needed. Small, round and just the right size to fit in the sink of our Roadtrek eTrek RV. The sink? […]Read More

Men don’t talk in a duck blind

I didn't think I'd make it down the narrow, twisting and very bumpy forest two-track that led to my current camping spot in the middle of a marsh on the edge of Rush Lake, a compact little frown-shaped lake a mile or so south of Lake Huron at the tip of the Michigan thumb. I'm […]Read More