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Keeping Cool in your Type B RV

Roadtreks and many Type B motorhomes come with the wonderful Fantastic Fan roof vent. It is truly a marvelous device for keeping your camper comfortable. You can fall asleep with the fan pulling a gentle cool breeze through the nearby window and know that the thermostat in the fan will shut off when it becomes […]Read More

A Minimal Solar System for a RV

We have seen impressive solar systems on Roadtreks and read about others.  Campskunk's and Jim Lever's systems come to mind. Then there are the factory installed solar systems like on the eTrek. But most of us are not full-timers like Campskunk, nor do we have a compressor fridge to keep powered like Jim Lever, nor […]Read More

Let in Light, have Shade, keep the View, and beat the Heat in your RV

Our friends have a Class A motorhome. Not just any Class A, but an Airstream Classic – the Silver Bullet style. Airstream has made silver bullet trailers forever, but the motorhomes were a short-lived venture. We wouldn’t trade our Roadtrek for one – Class B’s are the way to go for us. But we couldn’t […]Read More

Winter RVing in California

While Mike and Jennifer have been traveling the arctic vortex some of us have been aiming for a different experience of winter. Of course, I live in San Diego county so my experience of winter is always different than most of the country. I mean, we get cold when it drops into the 50's. Out […]Read More

Ahhh! How to Get the Perfect RV Water Temperature Without Wasting Water

One of the challenges of showering in the camper is adjusting the water temperature for your shower.  It seems that we always end up wasting a lot of water trying to set the temperature.  At four (navy) showers per gray water tank, we can’t afford wasting water adjusting the temperature.  There is an easy solution.  […]Read More

Apps and Websites to help you find the perfect boondocking spot

Ah… the Sound of Silence. There really is a sound to it, you know. On a boondocking trip deep in the Michigan woods in Ogemaw County, we heard it good. There was the crackle of our campfire. A hoot of a distant owl. The yips of a pack of coyotes somewhere far to the west. […]Read More

At the Oregon Meet Up

  I left KC 6 days ago and drove like mad, across 4 states to Silver Falls State Park in Oregon. It’s just below Portland in the Santiam state forest.  I usually don’t like marathon driving, but I did 33 hours and 1, 846 miles in 4 days.  Why, you may ask?  It was to […]Read More

Boondocking Along the South Oregon Coast

Last month I wrote about the great boondocking stretch of beach south of Yachats, OR – now I'll tell you about a similar and equally spectacular section of the Pacific Coast Highway that's just as boondocker-friendly. We have spent weeks at a time here the last three years, watching the ocean and enjoying the cool […]Read More

Casino Camping – The Natives are Friendly

Often I find myself in a situation when I'm sort of stuck finding a free place to park overnight. Some cities have anti-RV ordinances, sometimes it's just crowded, and sometimes I'm far away from the big-box retail stores where I usually boondock when traveling through an area. Casinos fill an important void in the financially […]Read More

Search and Rescue Support, RV-Style

All I really wanted to do was hide out and avoid the excitement of the upcoming 4th of July weekend.  I failed. I've been camped for three days at the end of Forest Road 2124, a little spur off the Beartooth Highway on the plateau at 10,164 feet along the Montana-Wyoming border. Things were nice […]Read More

70 and Sunny All Year – Moving the RV With the Weather

The main advantage of fulltiming is that you're not running back and forth from a home base to where you want to be – you ARE where you want to be. Picking where you want to be also allows you to pick your weather, within the limits imposed by the seasonal cycles.  Here is our […]Read More

Boondocking Basics: Solar Panels

In an earlier post, I covered electrical use while unplugged – how your coach batteries store electricity for use while you're parked and enjoying the scenery in your Roadtrek. There are various ways to get electricity back into them.  All RVs charge the coach batteries off the van's alternator while the van engine is running.  […]Read More

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