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Off the Beaten Path: Sandstone & Lava Gems

Our trip to the southwest on historic Route 66 has taken us through some beautiful scenery, but in reading about the area we saw in New Mexico, some of the best lies off the beaten path. Two of those scenic gems are El Malpais (Spanish = the bad lands), a place where sharp lava meets […]Read More

Solar Power Revisited: Adding Solar to an Older Class B

Two years ago we added solar to our then 18-year old Roadtrek 190 Popular. We followed the rule of thumb you often hear, “Add 100 watts of solar for every 100-amp hours of battery.” We had one 80-amp hour battery. After much research and a lengthy discussion with the vendor on requirements we bought an […]Read More

Boondocking in the Heat: Tips to Keep Cool in Your RV

Campskunk would say “follow the weather,” but sometimes we have a reason to be somewhere where it is uncomfortably warm – with no access to shore power. We had that experience recently and we learned a few things.  The weather was much nicer at home than at our destination.  The forecast was daily highs from […]Read More

Trips: RVing East of the Sierra Mountains

My beautiful bride Sharon has been asking me for a while to drive Highway 395 east of the Sierra Mountains from the Mojave up to Lake Tahoe, just to see the beautiful scenery and to get away from the crowds. Earlier this month, we were sitting around in New Mexico, and decided to do just […]Read More

How to Make an Older RV Boondock-Ready with Just One Battery

You may have read about Mike Wendland’s and Campskunk’s field testing fancy new Roadtrek CS Adventurous XL models with a gazillion amps of lithium-ion batteries and ungodly large inverters and acres of solar panels on the roof with envy. And you may be thinking that boondocking (camping with no hookups) is beyond what you can do […]Read More

Assateague Island: Wild Ponies, Kites, Birds, and Bikes

We are at Site 17 on the Ocean Loop at Assateague National Seashore in Maryland for a week. Assateague is a barrier island on the Maryland/Virgina border.  Two of our Standard Poodles, Tate and Farley, are enjoying the trip with us in our Roadtrek 190 Popular. We are located just behind barrier dunes. This out […]Read More

Tips: Home Water Works Everywhere

When our RV water pump stopped working, we didn't switch to champagne.  We just traveled like we do when we are winterized.  We use several water bottles filled at home and stored in our camper. We fill and take along these bottles every trip. Two store away bottles hold 3 liters each. Those ride in […]Read More

Gadgets: RV Won’t Start? A Fast Fix with Multiple Uses

We park our Roadtrek in our driveway summer and winter. In winter we plug into our 120 VAC shore power outlet to trickle charge the battery and keep it ready to start. Three days ago Roger moved the coach to a concrete pad behind our next door neighbor's house. While there is a dump drain to […]Read More

Little Mods That Make RV Life Better: Forgetting to turn things off?

One of the joys of an older Class B is the absence of reluctance to make changes.  Over the years we have learned much from Roadtrek owners we encountered on the Roadtrek Yahoo list.  Patrick Hayes, Yan Seiner, Campskunk, Jim Lever, Jim Caudill and Loren Phillips have been fountains of wonderful information as we have […]Read More

RV Boondocking in non-traditional ways

When we talk about boondocking in an RV, we usually mean dry camping, off the grid camping in out of the way, wilderness areas, far from civilization and deep in the boonies. Indeed, for Jennifer and I, that is our favorite place to be. But that's not the only place to be. As I write […]Read More

Keeping Cool in your RV – More fun with Reflectix

We recently wrote about the use of fans to stay cool in hot weather.  And in the past we've mentioned the value of Reflectix – that wonderful insulation that looks like reflective silver bubble wrap – for keeping warm during cold winter nights in our Roadtrek. Reflectix is equally valuable for keeping cool on hot […]Read More

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