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Porcupine Campground in the Bighorn Mountains

We just finished a week and a half up in the Bighorn Mountains at 9,000 feet, part of our plan to work our way east in preparation for our trek across the top of the country from the Rockies to the Maritimes to come down the east coast this fall.  We had been up on […]Read More

Lost Johnny Campground – Flathead National Forest, Montana

  Well, we found our first nice place to camp after leaving the Roadtreking Montana Gathering, and it wasn't that far away. We went back over the continental divide on Highway 2 to Columbia Falls, MT, the nearest decent sized town, to shop, do laundry, etc., and then looked around for a nice place to […]Read More

How To Be The Kind of Camper Campground Hosts Want

I am finishing up six weeks, off and on, at Kirk Creek Campground in California's Los Padres National Forest. This premiere campground is famous worldwide for its beautiful location overlooking the ocean at Big Sur and is open year-round, with online reservation availability ensuring that it stays full most of the time. So how did […]Read More

Replacing the Headbanger Light

Eight years ago we began changing out the old light bulbs in our Roadtrek for LED bulbs.  In an older RV with a single battery, the change to LEDs is a significant power saving.  We changed everything but the fluorescent light over the dinette.  It was not quite the power hog as the incandescent bulbs […]Read More

Campskunk Plugs In – In Europe!

OK, OK, I weakened. I've been going along fine for months without shore power, but Sharon was intent on sitting in one particular riverfront spot for days – under a tree, of course, so we got no solar – so I had to figure something out about the electricity. I can sit for a day […]Read More

Why we like boondocking deep in the woods

One question we get a lot when we talk about our love of being off the beaten path and away from everyone is, “Why? What do you do there.” Let me share a typical boondocking jaunt for us, very deep in the woods, in the middle of the Pigeon River Country State Forest Area at […]Read More

Meals & Cleanup in a Winterized RV

Many people park their motorhomes in the winter. And of those that still use them, many do not cook in them except for perhaps using the microwave.  This is understandable since cleaning up is more of a challenge without running water, using the gray tank and having an operating water heater, but it is not […]Read More

Two Weeks in Big Sur’s Kirk Creek Campground

Sharon and I just wrapped up a most wonderful experience, camping right on the Pacific Ocean in the middle of Big Sur. For two weeks. It has really been beautiful and relaxing and restorative and everything else we could ask for, so let me give you a little background about Kirk Creek National Forest Campground […]Read More

Extra Power for your Laptop while RVing

We have an older Class B motorhome with a single group 24 deep cycle coach battery.  We have learned how to boondock successfully with a mere 75-80 amp hours and stay within our power limits (see article here).  But where we have to be careful is our laptop computers.  Since we mostly use them after […]Read More

Off the Beaten Path: Sandstone & Lava Gems

Our trip to the southwest on historic Route 66 has taken us through some beautiful scenery, but in reading about the area we saw in New Mexico, some of the best lies off the beaten path. Two of those scenic gems are El Malpais (Spanish = the bad lands), a place where sharp lava meets […]Read More

Trips: RVing East of the Sierra Mountains

My beautiful bride Sharon has been asking me for a while to drive Highway 395 east of the Sierra Mountains from the Mojave up to Lake Tahoe, just to see the beautiful scenery and to get away from the crowds. Earlier this month, we were sitting around in New Mexico, and decided to do just […]Read More

Tips: Home Water Works Everywhere

When our RV water pump stopped working, we didn't switch to champagne.  We just traveled like we do when we are winterized.  We use several water bottles filled at home and stored in our camper. We fill and take along these bottles every trip. Two store away bottles hold 3 liters each. Those ride in […]Read More