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The 2 Biggest and Dumbest RV Boondocking Misconceptions

When we talk about dispersed camping,  there are two big boondocking misconceptions that need to be addressed.  If you have followed Jennifer and me for any length of time, you know that we are big boondocking boosters. It is clearly our favorite way to camp and we are always telling others about how great it […]Read More

Glacial Features At My Montana Campsite

After over two weeks up on the Beartooth Plateau getting snowed on, I needed to find a new spot to camp. Montana is very generous in its dispersed camping rules, allowing you 16 days in any one spot, and then you have to relocate at least five miles away. I decided we'd head downhill and […]Read More

Spending Summer Up on the Tundra – Beartooth Highway

THIS is what I have labored long and hard for – extended boondocking capability in a beautiful setting. We first discovered this pullout along the Beartooth Highway, the 1930s road constructed as the northeast entrance to Yellowstone back in 2013, and spent a week or so camping here. I had a copy of the Custer […]Read More

Our Rendezvous with My Friend Mick

We have been on the road six years now, and one of the more interesting characters we have met in our travels is Mick the Brit. I first bumped into him on the south Oregon coast, down by Pistol River. Mick lives in Colorado with his wife Lou, and they had had a Class C […]Read More

Running from Winter in Arizona

Last you heard we were soaking up the Sedona scenery back during the first week of November. The weather was holding until then, but a check of the forecast indicated it was time to get out of town, a cold front was coming in and it was time to head down into the desert. Only […]Read More

Cosmic Camping in Sedona

Wondering about camping in Sedona? Sedona, AZ is a great place to hang out and soak up the new age vibes, as well as the magnificent scenery of the Mogollon Rim and Oak Creek Canyon. We stopped by on our way south from the Colorado Plateau and spent a week or so there, but we […]Read More

Designated Dispersed Camping – What a Concept!

Normally, dispersed camping in National Forests is just a matter of finding a road on the Motor Vehicle Use Map with dots on each side of it and picking a likely spot, but what if it's a forest near a large city with high use rates, and you don't want people stomping all over? If […]Read More

Fall Camping in Wyoming’s Bighorn Mountains

If you're headed west across the northern plains, crossing mile after mile of prairie, the Bighorn Mountains in northcentral Wyoming start looking pretty good to you. That's what we were doing last week, and after driving all the way east to the Roadtrek factory and returning over the top of the Great Lakes, we were […]Read More

Oceanfront Camping at Quinault Casino in Washington

We wanted to head back to the ocean after Yan's Pacific Northwest Get-Together and our stay in Hood River National Forest, waiting for the fire situation to resolve while staying cool and non-smoky, so down the river we went, out through the Columbia Gorge and north up I-5.  Seattle loomed ahead as we took a […]Read More

RV Destinations: Returning to Our Own Lupine Meadows at Mount Hood

After Yan Seiner's Pacific Northwest Get-together we headed out for our next announced destination: Vancouver Island, as decreed by the campsite selection committee. I dutifully punched Victoria BC into the GPS, and started driving the designated route. Leaving Silver Lake headed north, we passed Fort Rock, grabbed a burger in La Pine, hit the state […]Read More

The 2015 Pacific NW Get-Together

For this year's unofficial, no-rules Pacific Northwest Roadtrek get-together, our spiritual leader Yan Seiner decided to afflict the comfortable and dragged everyone out to a spot in the national forest, a million miles from nowhere. It's literally a set of GPS coordinates  – 43.046396 N, 121.062860 W.  Very nice coordinates, though, we're in the Oregon […]Read More

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