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Filet of Halibut

This is a recipe I created for a main meal entree that can be enjoyed while camping or anytime!  Halibut filets are adaptable for cooking or baking in a variety of ways including: sauteeing in a pan on the stovetop, cooking in a pan on a portable grill… or baking in a convection oven.  Many […]Read More

Tangerine Pie

This is an easy pie that is easy to make and perfect for those that love tangerine or citrus  desserts.  You can bake this dessert up in a convection oven while traveling! Want more recipes like this?  Check out my Leisure Adventure cookbook at: https://smallkitchenbigflavors.blog/ 9″ Pie Serves 6 – 8 Filling Ingredients: 1/2 cups sugar […]Read More

Easy Chocolate Truffles

Here is an easy way to make chocolate truffles with pantry ingredients!  I experimented with using evaporated milk in place of whipped cream to see if truffles could be made with lower fat evaporated milk and make this a quick dessert to prepare anytime at home, on the road, for a pot luck gathering etc. […]Read More

Mandarin Poppyseed Dressing/Marinade

I took a look in the pantry and pulled out some ingredients I thought would go well together as a salad dressing and or also make a flavorful marinade for grilled veggies, chicken, fish or pork.  This  combination of ingredients created a dressing and also a marinade with just enough tang to balance out a […]Read More

A Crock-Pot cooker for our RV: Recipes wanted!

It's hard to believe how much a $15 purchase from Amazon can brighten your day. But such it was for us when we found the perfect-sized crockpot for our RV. It was exactly what we needed. Small, round and just the right size to fit in the sink of our Roadtrek eTrek RV. The sink? […]Read More

Cooking on the Road – Food Storage in Your RV

When we made the transition from a sticks and bricks house to fulltiming three years ago, one thing that didn't change much was the menu. I had wooed my beautiful bride with my cooking during our courtship – 30 years ago this July 4th for our first date she invited me over for dinner and […]Read More