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Rocky Mountain High in the Rocky Mountain National Park

I now understand what John Denver meant by his song: I've now been Rocky Mountain High. And like Denver, who penned the song shortly after moving to Aspen to celebrate his love for his new state and the awe-inspiring mountains, Colorado's Rocky Mountain National Park made me want to sing, too. If I could only […]Read More

The 10 Best Campgrounds in Colorado [for RVers]

We have selected what we think are the 10 Best Campgrounds in Colorado for RVers – just in time for your fall camping getaway. Colorado is awesome during the fall! With such incredible destinations as Garden of the Gods, Pike’s Peak, the Colorado National Monument, and Mesa Verde, Colorado has a surprising variety of landscapes […]Read More

Cycling with an RV

  Meet Cindy. My cycling fiend- I mean friend. She is all about pro cycling. We watch the Tour de France every year, but in between, she watches all the other big races and knows every statistic and name out there. You could say it’s her passion, but it’s more like an obsession! Her husband, […]Read More

Boondocking Near Silverton, CO – Mineral Creek

It's too late in the season to be talking about camping at 10,000 feet now, but let me tell you about a place you'll think of fondly as the temperature in the lowlands rises next summer. We found this place by accident, looking for a Forest Service campground a little further down the road, and […]Read More

Glenwood Springs CO and Colorado River camping

One of the things about traveling by RV that makes it so much fun is the serendipity, the unscheduled things that you just happen upon and, in the moment, take advantage of because, with an RV, you can. Such was the town of Glenwood Springs along I-70 180 miles west of Denver, home of the […]Read More

Colorado National Monument: Not what you’d think

Quick now, when I say we visited the Colorado National Monument, what did you think? Unless you've been here and seen it, I bet you thought is was a statue of some sort, didn't you? I know I did when my daughter, Wendy, first insisted we include it in our list of  “must sees” during […]Read More

The Black Canyon of the Gunnison

I bet many reading this have not heard of the Black Canyon of the Gunnison. It's probably not on many RVer's bucket list. It should be. Invariably, it is compared to its more famous Big Brother, the Grand Canyon. But while the Grand Canyon is deeper (6,000 feet at its greatest depth) and longer (277 […]Read More

Getting high near Telluride, CO

Man we got high near Telluride! At 9,500 feet in elevation, the Matterhorn Campground just south of Telluride, CO was the highest place we've overnighted yet on this Great Roadtreking Family Vacation of 2013. Son-in-law, Dan, noticeably felt the effects of the altitude and all of us noticed a bit of dizzyness on exertion, especially […]Read More

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