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Digital Frame All Your RV Photos

We have seen RVs with photos plastered on walls — kids, scenery, friends. Frankly, the pictures look klutzy, although we have seen some nicely done framed photos.  But in a small RV there is little space for photos – and which photo would we pick? One Christmas we received a 12-inch digital photo frame. It […]Read More

Tips: Entertaining in Your Class B RV

At least half a dozen times in the past year we have invited guests into our camper for coffee and ice cream or a even a dinner. Sometimes these are friends we've known for years, other times complete strangers who happen to be camping nearby. We find this easy to do because our van camper […]Read More

Decluttering the Kitchen: Out of the Way Sponges

A chronic problem was where to put our kitchen cleaning sponges in our Class B? Left on the counter, they tumble into the aisle when moving. Left in the sink they are in the way and get wet (and dirty) when washing hands. Tucked away, you can't find them precisely when you need them. We […]Read More

Quick Guide: Cleaning After Cooking in Your Class B RV

Everyone talks about how to cook in your small motorhome. Few talk about cleaning up after. It doesn’t have to be difficult. You can do a few things before you cook to make things easier later. Get everything away from your kitchen that is not required for cooking. Don’t leave that drink or water bottle […]Read More

Tips: Making Class A Meals in a Class B

There are great RV cookbooks out there. However, in a Class B there is little storage room for the turkey roaster, Hobart mixer, double boiler, waffle iron, and toaster.  Actually, between the two-burner propane stove and a microwave, you really do have all you need for cooking great meals.  We greatly prefer cooking on gas […]Read More

Store Gloves, Hats, and Plastic Bags Out of Sight

All Class B campers require ingenuity when it come to storing stuff. If the manufacturer has provided storage for everything, we call that a Class A, with a name like Newell or Prevost. There's nothing wrong with carrying a lawnmower in one of eight bins below the windows in a behemoth. But travelers in smaller […]Read More

DIY: How to Get the Best RV Seats in the House

“I'm the one with the bad back,” Roger said, when Lynn complained of a sore seat while driving. Our 1995 Dodge 190 Popular Roadtrek has more than 160,000 miles on it, and it seemed that somewhere around 120,000 miles and 17 years the seats started to get uncomfortable. We love our Roadtek and are not […]Read More

Tips: Home Water Works Everywhere

When our RV water pump stopped working, we didn't switch to champagne.  We just traveled like we do when we are winterized.  We use several water bottles filled at home and stored in our camper. We fill and take along these bottles every trip. Two store away bottles hold 3 liters each. Those ride in […]Read More

Bead Fatigue and Other RV Thoughts From the South

Random RV thoughts on the south: It’s been one month on the road in Florida, Mississippi and Louisiana, mostly along the gulf coast. – It’s so great, that even animals have fun. I’ve seen gators sunbathing and big otters playing in estuaries. I’ve watched dolphins cavorting in the early morning. Deer and raccoons have been […]Read More

Morning: The Best Time of My RVing Day

My Best Time of Day. It wasn’t until I quit the restaurant business, back in the Jurassic period, that I realized I was a morning person. I love to wake just before dawn and watch the golden orange light slide down the trees and across the grass. Listen to the birds wake and begin to […]Read More

Gadgets: RV Won’t Start? A Fast Fix with Multiple Uses

We park our Roadtrek in our driveway summer and winter. In winter we plug into our 120 VAC shore power outlet to trickle charge the battery and keep it ready to start. Three days ago Roger moved the coach to a concrete pad behind our next door neighbor's house. While there is a dump drain to […]Read More

C’mon In! An RV Show Sans RV Show

At home, if a stranger is walking down your street, you don’t invite them in for a home tour. But at a campground, well, things are a little different. If you hang around outside someone’s rig long enough, there’s a good chance you’ll get an invite for a tour. And you might do the same […]Read More

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