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How to Help a Dog Scared of Fireworks

Is your RV Dog Scared of Fireworks? The Fourth of July is upon us — time to relax and celebrate our independence, and for many that means RVing, swimming, barbecuing, fireworks and more. But don’t forget that to our dogs, the Fourth of July holiday is just another day — and one that can be […]Read More

Tips: Protect Your Pet From the Dangers of a Hot RV

Summer isn’t even officially here, but headlines are beginning to pop up about pets dying in vehicles as a result of being overheated. It's the unfortunate continuation of a trend: Since last year, there have been at least 64 hot weather-related animal deaths, according to PETA. The deaths have been reported all across the country, […]Read More

RV Travel with a pack of poodles

Mike has written about travels with Tai, Campskunk has written about travels with Fiona the fearless kitty, so I suppose it is time we write about our RV travels with Mark, Simon, Becky, Tate, Abby, and Farley.  Six, you say, six dogs in a camper van! Well not actually. Our beloved Mark is deceased, so […]Read More