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Free up space on your smartphone

More and more, we RVers are relying on ur smartphones for much more than making telephone calls. From photos and videos, to navigation to budgeting spreadsheets, our smartphones have many different uses and chances are you have lots of files and apps that are part of your RV Lifestyle on the road. But the more […]Read More

Ready to go fulltime RVing and toss out the clutter?

Lots of folks are considering selling the sticks and bricks house and becoming a fulltime RVer. Others want to downsize and declutter. Still others need to do some spring cleaning of all the stuff they've been carrying around on their RV trips. If any if those scenarios apply to you, I've got some apps that may help. […]Read More

Mike’s Traveling Tech Tip – Money Transfer Apps

Whether splitting the dinner bill, chipping in on gas, reimbursing someone for a campsite, paying back someone who picked up a museum admission fee for you or settling up any other kind of debt, we RVers need to pay our fair share. Sometimes its a relative or friend back home that needs some cash from us while we're out […]Read More

Task Managers and To-Do Lists for RVers

From packing lists to check lists to maintenance lists to shopping lists,we RVers sure have have a lot of things to remember. Fortunately, the smartphones and tablets we use can have lots of apps that will make task management and the making of to-do lists very easy. Here are my three favorites: Any.do wins lots of […]Read More

Create ebooks and Storybooks with Your Smartphone Photos and Videos

Pictures and videos are great for sharing your travels and activities but they only capture snippets of time and don’t really tell the whole story. An increasing number of storytelling apps, however, can help thoroughly document, preserve, and share just about any event. Here are three of the best, perfect for those RV travel memories: […]Read More

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