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Are these the world’s most expensive and luxurious campervans?

We're traveling across North America visiting various RV manufacturing facilities to learn what goes into today's RVs. In this video, we visit Advanced RV in Willoughby, Ohio,  which has a worldwide reputation for making high quality, luxury Class B motorhomes that feature customized interiors, innovative designs and state of the art engineering.  Jennifer and I […]Read More

Trying to beat a blizzard

We've been riding hard up I75 today, trying to get to our southeastern Michigan home before yet another big winter blizzard snowstorm dumps another predicted foot. All the way north, traffic has been unusually heavy in both directions. Lots of other northbounders are returning from long holiday breaks. The southbounders seem downright frantic, fleeing the […]Read More

Inside Advanced RV’s new Ocean One Type B Motorhome

As a sure sign that the RV industry is bouncing back, a small Cleveland-based startup has introduced a high end Mercedes Sprinter motorhome that is targeting the extreme high end of the Type B market. It's new Ocean One model. Set up with all the extras, it will retail for around $155,ooo, easily making it […]Read More