On our 2017 January freezeout, we built igloos. Real igloos like my house in Canada. (Just kidding.) (About the Canada thing.)

As none of us were experienced igloo builders, and we didn’t have any Inuit on hand for lessons, I bought an igloo builder from Grand Shelters. This wonderful gadget lets even total hacks like us build igloos that stand up.  With this igloo builder, you dial in the diameter, and start packing snow.  It took us a couple of igloos to get the swing of it, but after the first one the second one was easy.

You fill the form, move it, and keep going.  When you get done with one course, you dial in the next course, and keep going.  After a while, you use the form to pack the ceiling.

Here’s a view from the inside (and yes, some of our people did indeed sleep in it!).

Here’s the finished product, with a little landscaping.

Here’s a time lapse photo of the construction project.