States with the Worst Road Infrastructure 1

States with the Worst Road Infrastructure

If you were to compile a list of RVers' arch nemeses, bad roads would be at or near the top for many.

After all, a Federal Highway Administration report indicates 61 percent of the country’s highways are in fair to poor condition.

But have you ever wondered which states have the worst road infrastructure?

I know I have, and that's exactly why a recent report from QuoteWizard called “States with the Worst Road Infrastructure” caught my attention.

The company, which helps consumers compare insurance options, put together the list with the intent of finding a correlation between states that use funds to maintain roads and states that rank well for road infrastructure. In short, they found that states with poor road infrastructure had higher costs per driver, and typically poor road conditions across the board. 

I figured our RV Lifestyle fellow travelers would be most interested in how each state ranked, if for no other reason than to validate your frustrations when riding on rough roads or worse – paying for a costly repair. 

Per QuoteWizard, rankings “are a composite score based on a state’s rating in percentage of poor condition roads, annual cost per motorist from roads in need of repair and percentage of structurally deficient bridges. Rankings 1 to 50 are from 1st as worst overall road infrastructure and 50th as best overall road infrastructure.

Here is the list: