So much to learn for an un-handyman

 So much to learn for an un-handyman

So much to learn for an un-handyman 1I am not sleeping much these days before delivery. See, I am not a mechanical guy. I am the un-handyman. Tech, I'm okay with. Electronics, so-so. But put a screwdriver or a hammer in my hand and more often than not my hand gets in the way and loses some skin or a fingernail.

I've spent the past couple days reading all the forums and blogs I can find about Class B motor homes and Roadtreks and the one constant that seems to ring true through every blog or forum is that the owners are pretty handy fixing stuff.

My wife cuts the grass at our house. She says I'm too sloppy.

I'm trying to keep all those posts in perspective. I remind myself that I'm no stranger to camping. When our kids were little, we had a pop-up. We even towed a 13-foot Shasta trailer. And we've done our share of tent camping.

But there are so many things that can go wrong with a Roadtrek. Complicated things like electrical, heating and air conditioning units, the generator, water systems, propane piping, leveling issues, water and sewer hookups. And judging by the posts on the blogs and forums, they are all going to give me problems. Sooner or later.

One thing is sure. We've decided not to make our first trip a 2,000-mile roundtrip to Florida three days after taking delivery. That's just too ambitious without a couple of shorter shakedown trips. Someone suggested in one of the forums that we sped the first night in our driveway. You know… I think that makes sense.



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