Have you seen the new TS Adventurous?

 Have you seen the new TS Adventurous?

It was last December at the big RVIA industry show in Louisville, KY that Jim Hammill and his Roadtrek team showed off a prototype vehicle called the TS Adventurous, a high end Sprinter-based motorhome sure to turn heads with its high tech iPad monitoring of the coach control center.

There was even a remote camera so you could check up and see how fido was doing while you were out for dinner.

Well the TS Adventurous is now a reality, ready for production and updated with sleek new features and lots of luxurious styling.

TS stands for Touring Series and the new TS Adventurous is equipped with all the bells and whistles to make any traveler’s adventure as comfortable, easy and luxurious as possible.

Here’s the company’s official video.

Mike Wendland

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  • Is there a way to control the number of Facebook notifications I get from Roadtreking? I get multiple notifications every day, which is, as they say, too much of a good thing.

  • Cristy Cya

  • Ok, we’re interested. The XL option looks like something we’d want. Noticed your cameo in the video too.

  • Neo Martinez

  • What is the sales price?

  • This is the one that I want!

  • Unfollow or unlike…lol!

  • Want one.

  • I want one

  • Wow! Gorgeous!

  • Marty Starks

  • No photos of bathroom? We had hoped for larger refrig and bathroom.

  • We need to get one for all of our adventures we want to take Perfect for 2 & a weenie dog

  • Looks slick and fancy — and very expensive. Still, other than some bells and whistles, it doesn’t do anything that our RS Adventurous doesn’t.

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