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See the Movie! The Great RV Lifestyle Family Vacation of 2013

cnm4Two and a half weeks of the Great Roadtreking Family Vacation of 2013 in two and a half minutes – that’s the just-finished movie version that highlights the recent Roadtreking caravan that was our family vacation to Colorado this summer.

We traveled in four vehicles: My Roadtrek eTrek pulling a 21 foot travel trailer, followed by a Roadtrek SS driven by my son and, following us all, my daughter and her family in an SUV.

We made a great circle tour of Colorado. Here’s some of the highlights of our trip out and back, climbing Pikes Peak, visiting Garden of the Gods, Mesa Verde, Black Canyon of the Gunnison, the Colorado National Monument, Glenwood Springs and the Rocky Mountain National Park.

And don’t forget that nine feet tall Iowa corn!

Can’t wait for next year!

8 Responses to “See the Movie! The Great RV Lifestyle Family Vacation of 2013”

December 15, 2013at9:54 am, Eric Sondeen said:

Beautiful shots, great itinerary and excellent editing/compilation, Mike. Some of my favorite country.

August 30, 2013at11:26 pm, Pauline Guilmette said:

Enjoyed your video, Mike. Looks like a fabulous time was enjoyed by all.

August 26, 2013at1:30 pm, Pam Hicks said:

The definition of FUN, FUN, FUN!!
Lovely family, great trip, super video…………

August 26, 2013at11:19 am, Ray said:

Nice video montage of your trip Mike. Looks like the doggies had a great time. That’s a big reason we got into travelling in an RV so our dogs could be with us.

August 26, 2013at10:19 am, Debbie Broadstreet said:

Maybe next year it will be with 3 Roadtreks!

August 26, 2013at9:38 am, Mark Handler said:

So where to next year? 🙂

August 26, 2013at9:00 am, Karsten Askeland said:

It’s great how we can use technology to compress two and a half weeks into two and a half minutes. But it’s the memories that will fill in the gaps. Great video … great times with family.

August 26, 2013at8:08 am, Betty said:

Great video Mike. Do you also have the itinerary?

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