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We just came back from our latest trip, a 1,000 mile journey that took us to northeastern Pennsylvania and back.

We had spent exactly one day at our Michigan home before leaving for that trip, returning from a 2,000 mile journey up to the north shore of Lake Superior the week before.

We leave in about 10 days for Mississippi, the Gulf Coast and Florida.

In fact, since the so-called RV season ended in October, we’re averaging two long trips a month.

That’s about what we do during the summer.

winterI’m thinking that at least for Jennifer and I, there has is no off season.

We are about to turn 40,000 miles on the Roadtrek eTrek we took possession of in December 2012.

We’ve averaged over 3,300 miles each month. Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall.

The only real changes over warm weather RVing  for us is that we have no water in the tanks – it would freeze; We use antifreeze to flush the toilet and, instead of the air conditioner, we are running the heater. Oh yeah, on many mornings we’ve had to brush snow off the windshield and the solar panels up off the roof.

I wonder how many are like us, RVing all year round. No matter the weather.

Have you been traveling this winter? If so, share below in comments.



4 Responses to “What off season?”

February 09, 2014at10:36 am, Mike said:

We are on a trip in “sunny” Minnesota! Just traveling and enjoying the beautiful winter scenery. Visiting folks along the way. Our Sprinter van does not have heat unless we can get a full hookup and there are no campgrounds open in the frozen north. I was amazed that the interstate highways were all big trucks. Very few cars and of course no RVs.

February 05, 2014at11:51 pm, Michael said:

Thank you Mike now I know that you leave the tanks dry. You post great info.

February 05, 2014at3:26 pm, Campskunk said:

mike, you are correct in that there’s no off season, especially for us fulltimers. there are, however, off locations. being up to your rear end in snow is a serious navigational error, yet you persist in your arctic explorations. come down here and you’ll see the difference right away.

February 05, 2014at7:54 am, Eric Sondeen said:

9000 mi since Dec 10. Our Webasto has run nearly continuously. Cold Pacific Central Coast, Arctic Colorado, record cold in the South and SE to the Atlantic. And cozy.

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