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Roger Brucker and his wife Lynn have been Roadtrekkers since 2009. Both are retired, Roger from a Business-to-Business advertising agency and from teaching marketing for 25 years at Wright State University, Dayton, OH. Lynn is an electronics engineer, retired from the USAF Research Laboratory. Roger has authored or co-authored five books on cave exploring. They are cave explorers, kite flyers, and have four Standard Poodles. Their home base is Beavercreek, OH, a Dayton suburb. “We’ve done a lot of camping and long distance tandem bicycle riding, including an unsupported San Diego to St. Augustine ride in 2000,” said Lynn. Roger says, “But we love our 190 Popular Roadtrek because we can go anywhere on a moment’s notice, and stay off the grid for a week.” They are known to many Roadtrekkers for contributing ideas and suggestions on the Roadtrek Yahoo Forum and Cyberrally. Some of their modifications to Red Rover, their Roadtrek, are documented at

Off the Beaten Path: New Mexico Mining Museum

On our slow Roadtrek trip southwest following Historic Route 66, we found a listing for the New Mexico Mining Museum in Grants, New Mexico – but we never found any description of the place. One lavish New Mexico booklet urged the reader to “go underground,” but gave no details. We found the modest brown sign […]Read More

RV Road Trip: 10 Best Museums in the United States [PLUS 9 More!]

We’re always trying to bring you great places to consider stopping while on your RV travels, and this post is no exception – it’s all about the 10 best museums in the United States. (But we also have nine more you must see, too. Keep reading!) I thought this was a great topic to explore […]Read More

5 U.S. Destinations with Perfect September Weather

Don’t look now but we’re a little over a week into September — one of the best months for RVing and travel in general. Gone are the huge crowds as all those kids are back in school and many, many people are busy with academic-, sports-, and/or arts-related obligations. Of course you can get the […]Read More

8 U.S. cities with perfect weather in June

Ahhh, June. Summer’s eve. Temperatures are generally moderate across much of the country. (OK, I said generally.) Warm, sunny days paired with cool, pleasant evenings make it the perfect time to RV and camp. But if you’re wondering which direction to head, we have you covered with this list of the eight cities with perfect […]Read More

The Uncertainty of RV Travel in 2021

What a year 2020 has been. We can’t wait till 2021 begins. But that said, there are no guarantees on what RV Travel in 2021 will be like. It promises to still be challenging. Very challenging in certain places. In fact, as we review all the growing travel restrictions, lockdowns and restrictions as we experience […]Read More

RV Destinations: Avoid Crowds at these 8 Great Geological Formations

As the U.S. continues to deal with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, geological formations offer great opportunities for adventures that don’t involve crowds — and for some outstanding RV destinations. I'm talking about geological attractions where you can see formations formed over millions of years due to the impact of factors such as weather, […]Read More

RV Podcast 303: What RV travel looks like for the rest of the year

With travel restrictions looming again, here's our best take on what RV travel looks like for the rest of the year. As COVID-19 raises its ugly head again with more infections and hospitalizations, things that once were opening are closing again. This week on the RV Podcast Episode 303, we offer straight talk about what […]Read More

11 Magical Caves in the U.S.

Even if you wouldn't consider yourself Indiana Jones, a trip to ancient caves is still within your reach — especially for our RV Lifestyle Fellow Travelers. But first things first: get the vision of a dark, grimy hole out of your mind.  That's because some of these caves prove that some of the country's most […]Read More

RVing with an infant

We have a fun episode in store for you this week as we welcome Heath Padgett to the podcast. Many of you know Heath and his wife Alyssa, the hosts of the RV Entrepreneur Website, YouTube Channel and Podcast. Heath and Alyssa are a young couple who have traveled all over North America as a […]Read More

Extended RV Warranties: What parts break the most?

Have you thought about extended RV warranties and how they can help you? This week, we talk about extended warranties for RVs. What parts break the most, how an extended warranty will hep save money and why December is the best time to get an extended warranty because prices will rise come Jan.1 and how […]Read More

Top 20 Dreamiest U.S. Road Trips

Our RV Lifestyle Fellow Travelers are no strangers to road tripping across the U.S., often sharing fantastic stories of life on the road.  If you're anything like us, you're likely always looking to plan your next adventures, whether it's next week or next summer.  That's why I took notice when the U.K.'s Evening Standard issued […]Read More

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