Saved by Camping World – Again!

When we first got our “experienced” Roadtrek we had the horrible experience of having our big blue dump hose explosively unravel during our second- ever dumping of tanks. That stranded us on a Sunday with full tanks. Monday morning we drove the 30 miles to a Camping World to be there when they opened. They said service was booked solid for the day AND for the week! While we pondered what to do,  the phone rang at the Service Counter — it was someone cancelling their appointment for today.  Forty five minutes later we had a new brown “heavy duty” dump hose.

Camping World Bowling Green (Medium)
The Camping World that saved us from the unraveled big blue hose

Years later we were again headed south.  We figured we would be about Savannah, Georgia a bit before dark and asked the Roadtrek Yahoo Group for advice on overnight spots.  Most of the recommendations were south of Savannah but Bill recommended the Camping World there – they had 6 spots with hookups for overnights.  So we stopped.  They were very welcoming despite our lack of significant purchases.  We bought a new lighter for the stove and as we checked out, there was a water pump sitting on the counter.  “Haven’t had to replace one of those yet”, we said.  That must have jinxed us.

We were finally far enough south to dewinterize and we had thoughts of hot running water that night.   But it was not to be, Camping World closed before we finished draining the antifreeze from the fresh water tank.  We lacked the tool to open the hose bib (and didn’t notice the hose on the front porch).  Oh, well – it would wait until morning.

Morning dawned and we filled the fresh water tank and turned on the pump.  It was quieter than usual, but it was having spells last year of being quieter.  No water.  We hadn’t opened the bypass to the water heater, so it was not filling the tank.  Possibly an air lock?  We hooked up to the city water input.  Plenty of water. We opened the water heater bypass and filled the tank.   Disconnected city water and tried the pump again.  It made some noise, but still no water.  Crap!  Must be the pump.  Well, what better place could we be than Camping World if our water pump was kaput?

Tech Diagnosing Water Pump (Medium)
Tech Diagnosing Water Pump

Camping World was very accommodating.  A few minutes later a tech was testing the pump.  “The gears are gone,” he said.  It was definitely a bad pump.  New pump time.  We can’t complain.  It was nearly 19 years old.  We’re not sure what the water pump’s life expectancy might be, but  this one had a good life.  They installed the basic Shurflo water pump that they said they normally use for replacement.  It was much quieter than the original pump.  It faintly hums rather than rattles.

New Water Pump (Medium)
New Water Pump

We apologized to the Tech for the awkward location of the pump in the kitchen cabinet.  He said it wasn’t bad at all,  he sees lots of Class As with far less room to work.

Forty-five minutes after we walked into Camping World saying, “We have a water pump problem,”  we were on our way again with a new water pump.  Not bad!  But not cheap either.  Thanks  Camping World of Savannah, GA!






26 thoughts on “Saved by Camping World – Again!”

  1. Hey Mike, It always seems like it is something. I do see a lot of flat tires on the road and people need to remember even if a tire looks good and has a lot of tread left you need to look at when a tire is 5-6 years old you have sidewall cracking and dry rot. It is never fun to breakdown on the road when you are on vacation so it your rig looked over by a repair shop before you leave………..

  2. I love Camping World! I have always found them to be very helpful and accommodating when ordering products from them. They have saved me a few times by recommending a different product suitable for a vintage Airstream.

  3. How much it cost or how long it took will pale to the pleasure of running the tap and using the water for thousandth time in the future. On the list of system priorities for an RV of any type, running water is very near the top!

  4. My water pump was rattling. A couple of days later it was DEAD. Water pump cost me about $90 at CW. I installed it. BOOM

  5. Unfortunately my experience with Camping World was not a good one so I cannot endorse it. I opted out for my local RV service station Bryans’s RV in Olympia, WA which provides me the service I need and close to home.

  6. I won’t ever shop there again. We went looking and they just ignored us three different times. Guess we didn’t look like what they wanted to deal with as bikers. Took our $80k elsewhere and got excellent service at RV World.

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