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How RV Travel Spoils Us

How RV Travel Spoils Us 2

As we've been traveling across America this year, we've encountered a lot of people doing  the same thing – but by automobile.

We see them at rest and fuel stops, stretching, cramming themselves in and out of overpacked vehicles where they are packed in like sardines with their traveling companions.

It makes us realize how spoiled we are traveling in an RV.

To that end, Jennifer and I identified 10 ways traveling by RV has spoiled us.

Here’s why we so much prefer the RV:

  1. The high seats in the motorhome – We love sitting up high, over the road, with a huge panoramic windshield that lets us see the road, traffic, the conditions around us from a position much higher than that in our car. We feel more “on top of things” in the motorhome, better able to see road conditions and traffic and anticipate corrective moves when needed.
  2. The refrigerator – In the RV, the fridge is always on, always cool and we have lots of water, snacks, fruit and refreshments on hand. A great road snack is sliced apples and cheese. It is much more convenient then the folks who have to find space for a cooler in a car..
  3. The bathroom – Have you stopped at gasoline station rest rooms or interstate rest areas lately? Most all leave something to be desired in the cleanliness department. Our own bathroom in the RV is clean. Always.
  4. The kitchen – Eating on the road while driving in a car almost invariably means fast food or lots of online searching and review checking to find nice places to eat on route. In our motorhome, we can quickly prepare anything – breakfast, lunch, dinner. We just pull over and eat off our own plates, with our own utensils and always, the food we prepare ourselves in the RV is cleaner, healthier and better tasting than what we’d find at a roadside diner or fast food joint.
  5. Being in control – This is a real intangible. But it provides a great sense of security. We are not dependent on anything other than fuel as we travel. We are self-contained. Everything we need is with us. This has to truly be one of the nicest things about RV travel. We generate our own electricity. Our electronic devices are charged and have their own dedicated places. We have our own wi-fi network,
  6. Closets – We have plenty of extra clothes with us in the RV. If the weather turns suddenly cooler, we can go to the closet and replace shorts and T-shirts with long pants and sweaters. We have extra shoes on board the RV. Raincoats, jackets, hats and gloves. We are ready for most anything Mother Nature delivers. For a trip by automobile, where you have to pack everything in suitcases, it’s difficult to be prepared for different weather conditions.
  7. A bed – I cannot begin to say how nice it is while traveling long distances to pull over and lay down in the motorhome’s bed for a quick roadside nap. On a recent trip down to Georgia, we were challenged by torrential rains. We had to pull over three times and wait a half hour or so each time for storms to pass. It’s very hard to nap in a car. In our RV, with the patter of rain on the roof, a rain delay made for a wonderful nap.
  8. Big side mirrors – I’m talking here about the mirrors outside the driver and passenger windows. The motorhome side mirrors are big and cover a very wide area. We feel we really can see what is around us and behind us in the motorhome. The mirrors on our automobile are much smaller. I am not nearly as comfortable making lane changes in an automobile as I would have been in the RV.
  9. Being able to stand up and stretch – Our motorhome lets me walk around and stand up. I can move around and stretch out (while Jennifer is driving, of course, and only briefly while we are underway!). It's cramped and a bit claustrophobic in a car.
  10. Our Home on Wheels – Put all of the above reasons together and that’s what our RV clearly is: Our Home on Wheels. It has all the comforts of home because it is our home. Not so a car.

How about you? Share what you like about roadtripping in an RV in the comments below.

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