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RV Travel Tip: Take back up meds

What Mike didn't mention in his post the other day about getting ill on an RV Trip is that there were other health-related complications on that trip to Naples.

Nothing serious, mind you, but something that caused some unnecessary confusion and taught us a lesson about having back up plans.

It turns out that I left my daily medicine, Synthroid, at our son's house in Georgia.  We spent one night there after a Mississippi stay on the way down to sunny Florida.  Because the weather in Florida was going to be hot, we decided to leave our double-coated Norwegian Elkhound, Tai, with our son and his family. It was a great but hurried overnight visit. We rushed to a grandson's baseball game, had a late dinner, got a short night's sleep and struck out for Naples, FL first thing the next morning.

In the haste, I forgot to repack my meds. It was a battle to keep Tai out of the Roadtrek that morning. He now wants to go with us on all the trips. But our vet back in Michigan said that because of his his age and heavy winter coat, south Florida wouldn't be good for him. So daughter-in-law Lauri had to use her best squeaky high pitched voice to lure him back inside their house with a promise of a treat. As soon as he disappeared, we beat a hasty retreat, feeling a little guilty about leaving Tai behind but secretly coveting the extra space his absence in the Roadtrek gave us.

So off we went… leaving my prescription back in Georgia in the guest room we used.

I discovered it the morning Mike came down with his one-day ailment. It was not a good morning. Mike was pretty useless, lying on the back bed. And though missing my meds for a day or two would not have been critical, I am a bit of a rule-follower and if my doctor said to take one Synthroid once a day, well, I take one once a day.

Except not that morning.

Take a back up supply of your meds

What to do? It was going to be 10 days before we went back to Georgia to pick up Tai. Ten days off the medicine would have created a health issue.

So I went to a local drug store.  It turned out, that I was hardly the first person to go through this. They called my pharmacy in Michigan and agreed to provide me a three day supply, enough to get by until the bottle I left at my son's house made its way to me in Naples via UPS.

Generally, if you use a national chain drugstore, it's pretty easy to get what you need. They usually have centralized records and can find and verify your prescription. But most pharmacies can fill most prescriptions and will make sure you have what you need. So if this happens to you, don't panic. Just head to a drug store. In my case, they were delighted to help.

When we have traveled out of the country in the past I have taken two bottles of my medicine.  One bottle I carried in my purse and one in my suitcase.  We did lose a suitcase once between Chicago and Detroit.  The good part was we were then returning from Zimbabwe, Africa.   The bad part was it was a work trip and I had put rolls and rolls of film (back before we shot digital) in the suitcase instead of carrying them.  I put some delicate souvenirs in the camera bag instead and hand carried that with me.

It took a while for Mike to get over that one. But he did. Eventually.

Maybe I'm telling too much about myself. Mike says I digress. I say I'm a woman. That's how we talk. Besides, this is my first blog post and I'm a little nervous.

Anyway, I'm going back to have two supplies of my medicine when I travel.  One I will keep in the RV. One in my purse. I know I can go a few days without my medicine, but I need all the energy I can get.  You get cold and tired without thyroid hormone, which is what Synthroid supplies.

I share my story here in hopes that it will spare you from a similar situation. Take a back-up supply!

I'll bet there are a lot of stories out there from others who have forgotten to bring medications or other necessary things.

I'd love to hear your stories and suggestions. Use comments below.

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