(Editor’s Note: Please welcome Nancy Richardson to the Roatreking Reporter lineup. Nancy is a longtime Roadtreker who will file occasional posts for us about a subject very close to an RVers heart: RV recipes and eating on the road!)

About two years ago, my niece sent me this recipe from Pinterest called Individual Microwave Mug Cakes.

  1. 1 box Duncan Hines Angel Food Cake Mix
  2. 1 box any flavor regular Cake Mix (Red Velvet, Chocolate, Spice, Banana, Strawberry, Lemon, etc. Use your imagination on the mixes.)


  1. Mix the 2 dry cake mixes together in a gallon zip-lock bag until well mixed.  Store until ready to use.
  2. To make the cake: take 3 tablespoons cake mix; mix this with 2 tablespoons water. Mix together in a coffee mug and microwave for 1 minute. Let this rest for 2 minutes and serve.

I couldn’t wait until we went camping to try out this new found cake.  I thought how handy that would be to have in the RV for a quick and easy dessert while on the road but I decided to try it out first at home so I got right on it.

I purchased a chocolate fudge cake mix and an Angel food cake mix. I poured them into a gallon sized bag, sealed it up, and proceeded to shake the mixture. Next, I took out a large coffee mug and made my very first mug cake in my kitchen at home.

When I removed it from the microwave, I noticed it had a bit of a wet look although a wonderful smell of warm chocolate cake.  I took out a small plate to put my new creation on. As I gave the mug a little shaking to release this chocolate wonder, it bounced out and kind of rolled around aimlessly.  Hmmm.  With a fork, I pushed down on the side to cut off a test sample: Thinking it a little spongy, I called in my sweet toothed husband to give it a try. His response: “A little rubbery, don’t ya think?”

Now here I was with a gallon sized bag full of a cake mixture that would be used up 3 tablespoons at a time and a hubby who was not fond of the texture. Not being wasteful, I generously made samples for other family members and friends to try, and even dressed it up with things like frosting, pudding, and ice-cream. Finally, the last of the mix had been consumed.  Unfortunately, they concurred that the finished product was “a little rubbery.”

I decided it was the texture of the Angel food cake mix that was causing this, so for my next batch, I used half a box of Angel food cake mix to one box flavored cake mix.  I poured out the Angel food mix into a large measuring cup and put half into the zip lock bag with my chocolate flavored cake mix.  Next, I got out a mug and tried my new formula. The first thing I noticed was that it didn’t try to bounce off the plate when I shook it out of the mug.  Better yet was the remark from my husband, “Much better.”

Ok, now I have a half of an Angel food cake mix left, so on my next trip to the store I purchased a white cake mix to have a variety.  I put half of each flavor in my freezer at home and the other half in my RV.

Here is my version of the Camping Coffee Cup Cakes:

  1. 1 box Duncan Hines Angel Food Cake Mix
  2. 2 different flavored boxed Cake Mixes

Measure Angel Food Cake mix, divide between 2 one gallon size zip lock bags.   Pour a different flavored cake mix into each bag.  Seal each bag and roll around to mix well.

To make the cake:

In a coffee mug, place 3 tablespoons cake mix, stir in 2 tablespoons water and mix well. Microwave for 1 minute on high. Let rest for 1 minutes and serve with or without your favorite topping.

(May be served on a plate or eaten right out of the mug.)

To use while on the road, put half of each flavor, well-sealed, in your RV (I keep mine in Glad rectangle plastic containers).  Label the other half and place it in your freezer at home for later use.  If you choose to only make 1 flavor, freeze the other half of the Angel Food cake mix until you are ready to try another flavor.

I have found many different ways of mixing and using the many different flavors:

Substitute strawberry applesauce or other applesauce flavors for water

Substitute fruit juice for water

Frost with your favorite snack pack pudding

Drizzle with chocolate or caramel topping

Top with cherry pie filling or other favorites

Stir in flavored baking chips, mini M&Ms, walnuts, etc. to taste

Serve with strawberries as a shortcake or top with other fruits

Swirl in a little cinnamon with brown sugar before cooking or sprinkle on top


Give it a try and see what creations you can come up with. The possibilities are endless!