Cowboy Steak Dinner

 Cowboy Steak Dinner


Cowboy steak is a bone in cut of rib eye steak available from some butchers and a BIG cut of meat, typically weighing over a pound.  I grabbed a 2  3/4 lb. Cowboy steak yesterday that was on sale at the supermarket for an unbelievable price of $4.99 a pound.  It will typically feed 2-3 people.

Here is how I prepared the steak, grilled and seasoned the meat, added a tangy homemade sauce and sides and ‘Viola' a lovely dinner with a yummy pairing of  quality Cabernet… made for a delicious  dinner with my husband Jeff.  We even have leftovers for steak sandwiches the next day.

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Steak, in this case 2 3/4 lb. Cowboy bone in rib eye steak

*2 1/2 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce

*3 tablespoons catsup

*1 1/2 teaspoons dijon mustard

*1 teaspoon red wine vinegar

2 teaspoons McCormick Montreal Steak seasoning (I used 25%) version available at the store


Combine the tangy sauce by stirring the ‘*' items above in a small bowl.  Set the sauce to the side for use later in the recipe.

Bring the steak to ‘nearly' room temperature by removing the meat from the refrigerator 30-45 minutes prior to grilling.  Clean your grill and bring the temperature up to high heat.  Apply a mild coating of oil to the grill; this will assist you in keeping the steak from sticking to the grill when it is time to turn the steak over.  The steak will typically release itself when it is time to turn, however I don't like to take that chance… so I oil the hot grill slightly before I add the steak.

Season the steak with Montreal steak seasoning before placing the meat on the grill. If you prefer use a different rub or plain old salt and pepper.  Place the steak on a hot grill.  Cook the steak on high heat   (for this 2″ cut) 1 turned it in about 6 minutes, or when steak ‘does not resist' being turned. After turning the steak, continue grilling on high for 6 minutes.

Now, turn the grill to low and flip the steak again.  Continue grilling the steak on low for another 10 minutes on each side. Flip the steak again, grilling on low for another 2 minutes on each side. The time will vary depending on the size and thickness of the cut.  Another consideration is whether the steak went on the grill (with the meat) at room temperature or if the steak was still somewhat cool. This steak was huge and grilled from near room temperature to a final temperature of medium rare.

Remove steak when it has reached the desired doneness.  Let the meat rest on a platter for 10 minutes. Apply a coating of the tangy sauce you set aside onto the steak then slice the steak against the grain. I sliced the meat in  approximate 1/4″ thickness.

Place the sliced steak onto each plate, add your sides and a small bowl for additional tangy sauce to be added by each person as desired.  The sides I served with the steak: loaded baked potato (butter, sour cream, maple bacon crumbles), saute' portobello mushrooms (1 sliced mushroom cap per person) and saut'e chopped onions (1/3 to 1/2 regular brown onion) per person.

Note:  I removed the stems and gills of the portobello mushroom prior to slicing and saute'.   The gills (are the dark pleat like substance at the base of the stem on the underside of the mushroom) and they remove easily with the back of a spoon. Some people prefer to just leave the gills, it is a persoanl preference.

To simply the sides, just serve steak with a yummy salad.

Steak pairs well with a good Cabernet.  This wine is from a a vintner in Paso Robles.




Mary Jane Curry

Mary Jane Curry and husband Jeff love RVing and travel in a 2013 Roadtrek RS Adventurous motorhome. She is a Nurse Practitioner, Physician Assistant and Registered Nurse in Emergency and Occupational Medicine, and is nearing retirement and has great enthusiasm for the travels and adventures awaiting. Her love of food science and food presentation led her to pursue a secondary career about 10 years ago when she became a certified Personal Chef and owner of Custom Cuisine in Southern California. She received her training and certification through the United States Personal Chef Association, an organization with Personal Chef membership in both the US and Canada. She plans to share many recipes here for RVers!

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