Roadtrek’s new E-Trek

 Roadtrek’s new E-Trek

Roadtrek has announced a new environmentally-friendly and technologically-advanced model on the Sprinter chasis called the RS E-Trek.

Boondockers are going to love it.

Roadtrek says pricing is forthcoming but it expected to start at about $122,000.

Roadtrek's new E-Trek 1Here's the official release:

Roadtrek Motorhomes Inc is pleased to announce a new model, the RS E-Trek. This new model, built on the renowned Mercedes Sprinter chassis, incorporates the latest technology into Roadtrek’s best-selling RS platform. Using our latest approach to design, the van incorporates the very latest engineering to provide campers and travellers with world class features, comfort, and style.

“Roadtrek’s design incorporates technology that will give the owner greater ability to be independent, have full capability to dry camp for extended periods, all while being environmentally conscious. There has never been an RV like this, and we are extremely pleased to offer this new product.” quoted Jim Hammill, President of Roadtrek.

Hammill went on to comment “The introduction of this model is industry leading, environmentally responsible, all electric, all with no loss of functionality. This unit requires no compromise, as the owner can do everything to utilize the benefits, with less friction, and not be required to be an RV expert.”

The E-Trek was built using the most environmentally conscious materials that are e-certified, and are manufactured using high levels of recycled materials.

The new E-Trek includes the following features:
• Mercedes Sprinter Van (170 inch wheelbase), with Bluetec technology, and Bio-Diesel Fuel Capability.
• Propane Free Operation.
• New Interior styling, including touring captains seats in second row.
• New Exterior Styling, Full Body Paint, tone on tone colours!!
• 250 Watt Solar charging
• EFOY Fuel Cell generator option
• Engine generation using additional engine generator/alternator
• 2500 Watt Inverter
• Surge protection and Power monitoring
• Optional Lithium Ion batteries

Andy Weller, Roadtrek's Co-Chairman and CEO stated, “This unit utilizes the latest electrical capabilities available to achieve the environmental improvements and camping independence that our customers have been demanding. Our Engineering team has worked extremely hard to create something not just new, but actually a much different and easier product to use for the consumer.”

Mike Wendland

Mike Wendland is a veteran journalist who, with his wife, Jennifer, travels North America in a small motorhome, blogging about the people, places, joys and adventure of RV life on the road at He and Jennifer also host the weekly RV Podcast and do twice-weekly videos on the YouTube RV Lifestyle Channel. They have written 10 books on RV travel.


  • Show us video or pictures, Mike! We’re counting on you. We trust you. I’m planning to trade in my 2009 210P this next year. Is this the one for me? Tell us. Go take some video and do a report. Please 🙂

  • I echo Trekfantic’s comments. Your readers are relying on you to show us this model and do a video tour for us! My husband and I, too, are thinking about trading in and up for next year.

  • Really would like to see the vehicle. Mike. Give us pics inside and out. Have they started making it yet or is it vapor ware like the computer people have when they announce stuff not yet produced? Wen will it be at dealers? Will you get one?

  • They’re announcing this before they’ve even made it, otherwise there would be photos. Roadtrek is taking you for a ride, Mike. Otherwise there would be photos. Look at Leisure Travel Vans. When they announce, they show their product. Put up or shut up, Roadtrek!

  • I think this is the Roadtrek we’ve been waiting for. We’re getting close to buying and from the description, it sounds like what we need. You have convinced, us, Mike, that we need one. And we like what you’ve shown us on the Sprinter. We plan lots of wilderness camping far from civilization out here in the Rockies. I hope you can do a video soon. We’ll be watching!

  • Leisure Travel Vans has Dean who does all their videos. Mike needs to do that for us. This news release does little good without pictures. Is the vehicle in production? There must be photos somewhere. It sounds promising but in this case a picture or video really is worth a thousand words.

  • A few thoughts, since they are doing away with the propane and generator, what are putting in this new found space –
    More storage?
    Larger fuel tank?
    The extra batteries?
    Larger holding tanks?
    A little of each?
    If you will be relying more on the Mercedes engine to generate more of your power, I would assume that you would want a larger fuel tank. However, since you can dry camp longer, you would also want more fresh water and more waste storage.
    I have been trying to decide between the SS Agile or the RS Adventurous. Now, I have a third choice that sounds very appealing. However, I think there may be a premium price on the new E-Trek. There is always a higher cost on new Technology.

  • Simple Answers to everybodies questions. We never release anything that we can’t build. We have never released photos before with press releases. This is the first time people are screaming for it. And it is only a week after the press release, and Mike has done his bit, and I am sure it will come shortly. He is good at what he does!!

    • Jim – I sure could use your help getting my new E trek electrical problem corrected. My name is Paul Primeau 805 965 1357. Ken Mitchell and Marcel have been trying as well as Chris D. at the factory. Our $150,000 RV sets in front of our house unable to take camping because of the electrical problem. We waited 9 months to get the RV and now that we have it we are unable to us it. HELP Please

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