Our 2006 Roadtrek RS-Adventurous came with an analog TV, a converter and an old analog DVD player.

It was cumbersome, at best to watch TV and the image size and format just looked wrong on the old TV. So it was time for an upgrade.

To replace it, I found a great deal on a 22-inch 1080i Samsung LED TV at Costco. I bought it, and, for $79, a Samsung BluRay DVD player. The mounting holes on the wall mount in the Roadtrek lined up great with the new TV.

I installed it. Even the old power cord matched.

But then Jennifer saw it and, as all good husbands do, I gave in, er, I mean, I listened to my wife. Since it was considerably larger than the old one, it hung over into the hallway that leads to the rear sleeping area. The 22-incher went back to Costco.

But leaving Costco, I stopped in a Best Buy. And there, for $179, was a 19-inch LED digital TV, the Samsung UN19D4003 19-Inch 720p 60Hz LED HDTV . I got it. And it installed perfectly. The old power cord had to be removed from the little plastic tube that keeps all the wires nice and neat. I threaded in the new one, the HDMI cable from the DVD and the white cable coming from the switch box mounted inside the drawer to go from the Roadtrek antenna to Cable.

Voila! A perfect match, with very little “hangover.” The wife was pleased.

Even though the 19-incher has 720p resolution, it delivers a super crisp and clear picture. And I found the TV $10 cheaper on Amazon.