Once again, I have used some Campskunk mojo to escape the looming Canada winter, and come here to Pomona in sunny SoCal. Pomona is billed as the Biggest RV Show.  Also the Best RV Show. Of course, so does the Tampa show and so does the Hershey Show. Which one is biggest? Who knows?

But Pomona IS big.  Some 48 RV manufacturers are here showcasing 1,500 RV models, representing 230 brands.  The show runs for 10 days, from Oct. 9th to the 18th.

Something for sure this show is…. IT IS THE HOTTEST! Over 100 degrees hot this weekend, in fact!


Count's Kustom masterpiece 210 Popular

I'm here with the Roadtrek crew.  The Roadtrek booth is anchored by an absolutely incredible work of art masquerading as a 210 Popular. Ryan Evans and Shannon Aikau of Count's Kustoms from Las Vegas created an incredibly picture of Americana, with Mount Rushmore and a matching Harley on a trailer.

This one travelled to Sturgis for Bike Week this past summer, and now it's here at the Roadtrek booth in Pomona.  You have to see it in person to appreciate the amount of work and art that went into it.  We have had several attempts to buy it but, alas, it's not for sale.  It will be on tour for a while.

The heat here is been stifling and draining.  Dust devils dance between the RVs, carrying brochures and sometimes even bags.  We have fantasies of slushies, slurpies, and ice baths, especially coming from Canada.  One thing is for sure, my igloo wouldn't last long in this weather.

There is a free Ferris wheel here for the truly brave.  Just the thought of being on a sun-baked steel bench, 100′ up in the air, being spun around like a giant turkey in a 100 degree oven is enough to give me the chills. Others seem not so bothered.

The heat is keeping all but the most intrepid RV buyers at home.  Those who do brave the weather to visit us are the Green Berets of the RV buyers, determined and prepared.  They've been keeping us busy.


It didn't take long for this CS Adventurous 4×4 to find a home.

I'll start cruising the show later in the week when we're not so busy and report on some of the interesting finds.  I've already found a few really, really interesting RVs, from a no-holds-barred All Terrain Sprinter to a tiny micro-mini trailer and a space age foldable with a heat shield.

Stay tuned.

[Correction:  An earlier version of the article identified Horny Mike as the principal artist.  Horny Mike contributed but the principal artists were Ryan Evans and Shannon Aikau.]