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Paradise Landing RV Ownership lots on Kentucky Lake in Tennessee

| Updated Apr 5, 2023

We've found another development where RVers can truly settle down: Paradise Landing RV Ownership lives up to the name, as each mega lot is lakefront property, directly on the shore of this pristine recreational lake in Mid-Tennessee.

Kentucky Lake in Tennessee? Yup. It's called Kentucky Lake because it resulted from the partial damming of the Tennessee River in central Kentucky. It is huge, with a shoreline of 184 miles running from Kentucky all the way south through almost the entire width of Tennessee.

Here's a video we just did during our stay here. UPDATE: they are sold out.

The lake is gorgeous. Jennifer and I have been camped here all week, right on the waterfront. The Tennessee River here is part of what s known as the Great Loop, meaning it connects with the Great Lakes to the north and the Mississippi and other rivers to the Gulf of Mexico.

You can get anywhere pretty much anywhere in the world from here by boat!

Right out front is great boating, spectacular fishing, swimming, and beautiful scenery.

The Paradise Landing RV ownership lots are huge

lot size at paradise landing rv ownership development
The size of Paradise Landing properties

At most RV campgrounds, a typical RV campsite will measure maybe 14 feet wide by 40 feet or so.

Here at Paradise Landing, the properties start at $59,000 for a lot that measures 60 feet by 320 feet – that's 34 times the size of a typical RV Lot.

If you buy a double lot, you get 120 feet by 320 feet – almost 70 times the size of a typical lot.

They have a few multilot packages available at higher prices.

Enjoying the seclusion in Nashville's Big Back Yard

some of the properties at
All this beautiful seclusion is just a short drive from Music City – Nashville, TN

The seclusion and peacefulness of this place is just what we needed. We sat on the lakeshore every evening at sunset, watching the fish jump and listening to the birds softly singing as they nestled down for the night.

Sunrises were no less seductive. I got up at first light and had my coffee watching the landscape go from gray to golden and then green as the forest took shape on the island across from our campspot, with the blue water reflecting each sunray like diamonds.

But what is so amazing about this is that we were just west of Nashville, an easy drive for all the entertainment, nightlife, fine dining, and music that can be found there.

They call this part of Tennessee Nashville's Big Back Yard and it is surrounded by charming small towns, great places to hike and numerous wineries. We took in the Amber Falls Winery in Hampshire, TN, where the owners offered us samples of their award-winning vintages, all made on the premises.

The historic Natchez Trace is right nearby, too, offering lots to see and explore.

In the village of Linden, we dined in the Commodore Hotel & Cafe, a beautifully restored old hotel where hosts Mike and Kathy Dumont greeted us with true Southern Hospitality. The Commodore brings in Nashville songwriters and musicians for weekend entertainment.

What Paradise Landing RV Ownership is like

Paradise Landing RV Ownership lots on Kentucky Lake in Tennessee 1
That's us driving in through the private entrance

The RV properties have full utilities available – central water, septic, and electricity can be tapped into from the well-maintained access road at the back of each property. Super high-speed fiber optic cable is also available.

There is a gated, private entrance for peace of mind and security. And there is free boat and RV storage available too when you want to go away for long periods of time.

These properties are 100% pure ownership. There is no HOA, it's your land you can use your way and property taxes run about $300 a year. You can rent it out if you desire as a way to earn extra money when you are traveling.

If you make Tennessee your permanent domicile, as some of the Paradise Landing owners we met have done, there is no state income tax in Tennessee.

There is also a community gathering place, with lots of picnic tables, covered structures, a free boat launch, and a community dock, though most of those who own here seem to have installed their own docks, right outside their door on their own property.

Many people have also put in gardens. The climate here is temperate, with long springs and summers, glorious autumns, and relatively short winters. Some have constructed their own boardwalks and long patios. One guy even put in a jacuzzi right on the lakeshore.

The residents say Paradise Landing RV Ownership is remarkable

Of all the Paradise Landing fulltime residents Mike and Trudy say they are living the dream on their Kentucky Lakefront lot.

“I paid $59,900 for this property,” said Mike, looking out at the water. “Anywhere else, this would have been $200,000. I looked. Believe me, this was a real buy. Look at that view we have. Everyday. We've been here since last fall, except for a vacation trip in the spring. But this is what we dreamed about.”

Trudy, who has a lush garden, loves to fish and feeds the friendly hummingbirds that show up to the feeder on her Fifth Wheel, says she and Mike left their home on the west coast and settled at Paradise Landing with no regrets.

“We knew a good deal when we saw it,” she said. “Living here is so relaxing. So beautiful.”

Want more info?

Jennifer and I planned to stay for only a couple of days. But the developers who invited us down graciously let us stay almost the whole week. That's how much we liked it!

On June 25, 2022, the developers will be selling off most of the remaining lots on a first-come, first-serve basis. UPDATE: sold out.

Paradise Landing RV Ownership lots on Kentucky Lake in Tennessee 2
Mike and Jennifer Wendland

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Mike Wendland

Published on 2022-06-11

Mike Wendland is a multiple Emmy-award-winning Journalist, Podcaster, YouTuber, and Blogger, who has traveled with his wife, Jennifer, all over North America in an RV, sharing adventures and reviewing RV, Camping, Outdoor, Travel and Tech Gear for the past 12 years. They are leading industry experts in RV living and have written 18 travel books.

37 Responses to “Paradise Landing RV Ownership lots on Kentucky Lake in Tennessee”

November 01, 2023at2:29 pm, mike hatfield said:

interested in an rv lot on the water for sale . Is there any left or any new developments opening?


November 03, 2023at5:14 pm, Team RV Lifestyle said:

Paradise Landing sold out in 2022. But Mike just wrote a story on a new development he learned about in Tennessee – here is the link: -Team RV Lifestyle


September 18, 2023at8:23 pm, tracy shepley said:

Please send additional info. Thanks


August 25, 2023at1:32 pm, mark dupuis said:

Would like info on Paradise landing. Are there any RV lots still for sale.


August 26, 2023at8:27 am, Team RV Lifestyle said:

Hi Mark, Would recommend contacting the developer – as Mike and Jen just reported on it. But this story is more than a year old, so very well may be sold out -Team RVLifestyle


August 16, 2023at1:33 am, Ray Kerns said:

Good morning
I would like some info on the lots that are for sale here
Thank you


August 18, 2023at10:24 am, Team RV Lifestyle said:

Ray – this story is from more than a year ago. They may have sold out – best to check with the developer – Team RV Lifestyle


May 21, 2023at3:05 pm, Matthew Pebley said:

was wondering if there are any riverfront rv lots available for sale on the kentucky lake


May 22, 2023at12:05 pm, Team RV Lifestyle said:

Hi Matthew – Mike and Jen do not have any updates on that article that was written last year. It may have sold out – Sorry can’t help more -Team RV Lifestyle


April 09, 2023at8:32 pm, Gin Mills said:

Do you have contact info for Paradise landing owners? Perhaps there are resale lots available. How many lots in all? TY


April 10, 2023at4:03 pm, Team RV Lifestyle said:

Mike doesn’t have any more information on this story. thanks, Team RV Lifestyle


May 12, 2023at2:25 pm, James Tucker said:

Do you have any R V lots for sale on the lake


May 12, 2023at2:25 pm, James Tucker said:

Do you have any R V lots for sale on the lake


April 05, 2023at10:19 am, Annette Wheat said:

Can you please post a link to the developers for Paradise Landing so we can contact them directly? None of the links you posted seem to work. Thank you !


April 05, 2023at3:51 pm, Team RV Lifestyle said:

Hi Annette – We will check this out but it might be the developer sold out since the story is about a year old. -Team RV Lifestyle


February 28, 2023at1:19 pm, Joseph Noce said:

Looking for lot 1/3 to 1/2 is electric and water on site


February 28, 2023at2:25 pm, Team RV Lifestyle said:

Hi Joseph – Best thing to do would be to contact the land developer – Mike and Jen do not work for the land company so wouldn’t be able to help. Best to you! Team RV Lifestyle


July 28, 2022at11:55 am, Ed Stockwell said:

Can you build a permanent structure , and can it be financed ?
Would you need Flood insurance for that structure ?


July 29, 2022at1:36 pm, Team RV Lifestyle said:

Hi Ed – that would be a better question for the Paradise landing owners. They would know the answer, for sure. Team RV Lifestyle


July 20, 2022at10:55 pm, Robin kreisberg said:

3are there any lots left


July 18, 2022at12:20 pm, Tami Pernell said:

I would love to come and check out the property asap , when is the next sale?


July 19, 2022at5:12 pm, Team RV Lifestyle said:

Mike believes there is one July 30, but always best to double check with the Paradise Landing folks. Team RV Lifestyle


March 07, 2023at10:32 am, Marc LeBlanc said:

Home page on their website says ‘sold out’.


June 17, 2022at6:45 pm, Gerald Hihn said:

I looked into a place like this in Linn Valley Kansas. You could end up next door to a Sanford and Son type. We dismissed Linn Valley as that has already happened there.


June 17, 2022at3:44 pm, Robert Rice said:

What’s the ball park figure on the lots and lake size


June 18, 2022at11:17 am, Team RV Lifestyle said:

Hi Robert – That would be a better question for the company developing -thanks and Happy Trails! Team RV Lifestyle


July 20, 2022at10:55 pm, Robin kreisberg said:

3are there any lost left


June 15, 2022at11:07 am, Kenneth Canady said:

When can we come look at the property


June 15, 2022at11:49 am, Team RV Lifestyle said:

Hi Kenneth – Finding a time to check it out would be a good question for the developer. Thanks for asking. Team RV Lifestyle


June 14, 2022at12:13 pm, Albert Shevis said:

I would like to buy but besides the yearly property taxes how much money does it cost to live there after you purchase your land. I’m in East Tennessee I’m familiar with Tennessee.


June 15, 2022at10:44 am, Team RV Lifestyle said:

Hi Albert — That would probably be a better question for the developer. Thanks, Team RV Lifestyle


June 13, 2022at8:20 pm, Betty Vargo said:

Is there alot of snakes, to include water snakes in that river area?? Will there be upcoming HOA fees?? I’m scared to death of snakes and refuse to pay HOA ,


June 15, 2022at11:48 am, Team RV Lifestyle said:

Hi Betty! It would be best to talk to the developer about these questions, especially the one about potential HOA fees. As for snakes, during the couple days Mike and Jen ere there, they did not see any. Happy Trails! Team RV Lifestyle


June 13, 2022at9:47 am, Dale Phillips said:

Kentucky lake IS NOT in central Kentucky..
It is in West Kentucky…in the area know in history books as ” The Jackson Purchase”…
Please get you facts straight before you comment on Kentucky please…


June 11, 2022at6:25 pm, Barney Google said:

Beautiful lots. Anyone know the typical lake draw down in the fall? Looks like it’s close to its max high, as most southern reservoirs tend to be in late spring.


June 11, 2022at9:54 am, Shelly Simon said:

It’s sooo beautiful!! But how long will it stay that way with HOA ?? I’m not a fan of HOA, but it does help with keeping things within reason.


June 11, 2022at5:58 pm, T N said:

Yes, I’m afraid it’s going to look and sound very different once all the sites are occupied.


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