Alarming Heat Build Up Inside An RV [ATTN: PET OWNERS]

If you are a pet owner, you need to know the dangerous facts about heat build up inside an RV. The temperature within an RV is a hurdle that virtually every RV owner has to face at one point or another. Whether it be while dry camping or simply parking your RV in a parking […]Read More

7 Important Tips for RV Traveling During COVID

RV traveling during COVID? RVers have the advantage of taking a home wherever they go, but you still need to take precautions. COVID has changed all of our lives in one way or another. Everything from leisure time to how we conduct business has been affected. The good news is that most RVers are already prepared […]Read More

RV Podcast #331: The Amazing Power of Family Camping

Family Camping, whether in a tent, pop-up camper, a towable trailer, motorhome, or any other type of RV, unites families through great memories! That's what we talk about in this 331st episode of the RV Podcast. And through our special podcast guest – a Mom and Grandma who has passed along a love for the […]Read More

13 Best RV Campgrounds in New Hampshire

From great views to activities, here are the best RV campgrounds in New Hampshire. With numerous rivers and almost 1,000 lakes in the state, New Hampshire attracts visitors with the allure of its natural beauty, great boating, swimming, and fishing. New Hampshire is high on our list of gorgeous places to travel. So, for those […]Read More

Off the Beaten Path on the Ohio River Scenic Byway

Our friends Tom and Patty Burkett have this great Off the Beaten Path discovery about bygone life on Chilo, Ohio along the beautiful Ohio River Scenic Byway. Lock up, lock down—these are phrases we’re all familiar with.  Two or three generations ago they were familiar, too, but often meant something entirely different.  That was the […]Read More

The absolute BEST places to camp in Arizona for RVers [2021]

When it comes to weather, the scenery, and things for RVers to do, Arizona can't be beaten. Here's our list of the BEST places to camp in Arizona. We absolutely love Arizona. We keep going back again and again. For RVers, it has everything; mountains, National Parks, the desert and even beaches, and the London […]Read More

10 Best Things to Do in St. Augustine Florida [2021]

If you're looking for things to do in St. Augustine, look no further! Here are 10 must-dos! St. Augustine is known as Florida's Historic Coast. So, it's no surprise that there are a plethora of things to do in St. Augustine and the surrounding area.  We did a fun video on St. Augustine, which you […]Read More

AirVenture 2021: The great Oshkosh Airshow

AirVenture bills itself as the “World’s Greatest Aviation Celebration” but it's more commonly known as the Oshkosh Airshow! And after being canceled last year, it is most definitely on this year with the 2021 dates set as July 26 – Aug. 1. Jennifer and I travel about ¾ of the year, which means we are […]Read More

Camping Newbies cause massive damage to National Parks [2021 Update]

Hundreds of thousands of camping newbies are flocking to our federal lands, with many of them ignorantly – but sometimes intentionally – causing damage to National Parks. It is a nationwide problem, unprecedented in scope, brought about by COVID travel restrictions and the need for people to get away. And the flood of new campers […]Read More

7 Best RV Cellular Boosters for 2021

Here are the best RV cellular boosters to keep you connected on the road. A cellular booster is a necessary addition for some RVs.  This is especially true for those of us who travel to locations that don’t have good cellular service.  Jennifer and I run our website, YouTube channel, Podcast, and eBook business from […]Read More

Surprising Things to Do in Saint Louis, MO – [2021 Tips]

We love hearing about our fellow RV Traveler's adventures! Here's an off the beaten path report on things to do and see in Saint Louis, MO. By Tom and Patti Burkett For years we’ve had the City Museum of Saint Louis on our list of travel stops, so the last time we went to visit our […]Read More

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