Ask Us Anything from the Gulf Coast

Our latest Ask Us Anything live stream comes to you from the Gulf Coast, where all the towns from the Florida panhandle on through New Orleans are caught up in Mardi Gras parades and celebrations in preparation for Fat Tuesday. We will be in the road all this week,...

Mouse Proof Your RV

Many RVers are getting their RVs out of storage for the winter only to discover that while it's been sitting there unused for the past couple of months, the RV has had visitors - mice!! We have heard so many sad stories of mice getting into an RV and literally...

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What we like and don't like about the Ford Transit

The Ford Transit van is being used more and more these days to build out small Class B and C motorhomes. Some say it will even rival the Sprinter as one of the most used RV chassis. For the past three weeks, we’ve been testing out the new Leisure Travel Vans Wonder...

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The Roadtrek Debacle: Some Personal Thoughts

This whole situation at Roadtrek is so sad. So very, very, sad. It's like a death in the family. The reason? The company is Insolvent, $300 million in debt by some reports. That's what employees say happened when they assembled late Friday afternoon, just before the...

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Our Most Epic RV Factory Tour Yet!

We journeyed up to Winkler, Manitoba, Canada to get a Leisure Travel Vans tour from Dean Corrigal and ended up driving out of there in a brand new 2019 Wonder Rear Twin Bed Model, which we will test out for the next month or so. We've never spent time on the road in a...

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RV Podcast Ep 229: Trying to make the foolproof RV

We’ve been traveling North America for the past month. Checking out small motorhomes and visiting various RV manufacturing facilities and this week, we want to share the visit we just made to Manitoba, Canada and the factory where Leisure Travel Vans makes its...

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