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Mike is a veteran journalist who, with his wife, Jennifer, travels North America in a small motorhome, blogging about the people, places, joys and adventure of RV life on the road. He enjoys camping (obviously), hiking, biking, fitness, photography, kayaking, video editing, and all things dealing with technology and the outdoors. See and subscribe to his RV Lifestyle Channel on YouTube, where he has hundreds of RV and travel related videos. His PC MIke TV reports, on personal technology are distributed weekly to all 215 NBC-TV stations.

Winter Camping: Here We Come!

Spots are rapidly disappearing for our second annual Winter Freezeout Camping Adventure at the spectacular Tahquamenon Falls State ark in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. We had about 14 RVs and about 25 people last year. This year, with little publicity but word of mouth, we have already exceeded that. The event is totally free. You have to […]Read More

Our Top Three Favorite RV Drives

We were sitting around a campfire not long ago chatting with some folks about the places we've been and the things we've seen and the conversation got around to our most favorite drives. I have three of them. Here they are 1) Going to the Sun Road at Glacier National Park Going-to-the-Sun Road is one of […]Read More

RT57: How to Drive Your RV Like a Pro

We're all constantly seeing it  – some really bad RV drivers are out there with us on the road. But as our guest on this week's Roadtreking podcast tells us, we needn't be among the offenders. In fact, Mark Polk, publisher of – which also just launched an RV education app for iOS and Android […]Read More

Mike’s Top 5 Places to Visit in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

If you are a regular reader, you know Jennifer and I love to RV across Michigan's pristine Upper Peninsula – the UP – where big towns simply aren’t, and the scenery is jaw-dropping gorgeous with lots of forests, lakes and streams and, of course, the Big Lake, Superior, which some say is the coldest, deepest fresh […]Read More

RT49: What You Need to Know Before Buying a Used RV

Next to our homes, an RV is probably the most expensive purchase we will ever make. Even used RVs come with a steep pricetag. This week, we offer some very practical advice about shopping for a used RV. Our guest is Terry Cooper, President of the National RV Inspectors Association. Just as we hire a […]Read More

RT017: Yes, You Can Camp and RV All-Year-Round!

In this episode of Roadtreking the RV Podcast I share tips on how to camp all-year-round. It's easier than you think! Plus, lots of RV news and traveling tips to make your RV adventures more enjoyable. [spp-player] Shownotes for episode 17 of Roadtreking the RV Podcast I start out by recapping our recent trip to […]Read More

013 Roadtreking RV Podcast: Old Ladies Get Around

How's that for a title? It comes from the name Roadtreking Reporter Laura Robinson gave her Roadtrek RS Adventurous Class B RV. She calls it OLGA. That's the acronym for Old Ladies Get Around. Laura is anything but “old.” But she does get around. And as a solo traveler, she's picked up lots of tips […]Read More

RV Memories Abound: More to be Made

And the days dwindle down. Here it is: November is ending. It's time time to bring on December.  Where did 2014 go? It went by in about 40,000 miles, that's where. From Cape Cod to the Pacific Northwest, the northern Lake Superior shore in Minnesota to the Florida Keys. We drove more than 5,000 miles, […]Read More

006 RV Podcast: The Migration of the Snowbirds

It's underway – the annual migration of the Snowbirds , with an estimated 2-5 million RVers  heading to the South and Southwest. That's the featured topic in Episode 006 of Roadtreking the RV Podcast. Snowbirds typically spend three to five months in the warm climates. It's a dream lots of us have. We cover lots […]Read More

Here’s your chance to try out winter camping

Announcing, the first annual Winter Wonderland Roadtreking No Rules Rally,  to be held Jan 23-25 at the very snowy Tahquamenon Falls State Park. Last time I camped there that time of year, the snow measured 28 inches on the level ground and the temp dipped to -7 F. Pssshaw. That's nothing for Roadtrekers. With my […]Read More

Planning for the next RV year

Jennifer and I went to the local office supply store over the weekend and picked up a new planning calendar for 2014. It's one of those big, poster-sized ones with the entire year laid out in neat little blocks for each day of each month. It's erasable – a good thing with our propensity for […]Read More

Michigan’s UP in the fall and Twelvemile Beach

This is the time to “come up to da UP,” as the Yoopers like to say. The flies and mosquitoes are gone, so are the crowds and the whole peninsula is bursting with bright yellows and reds as the annual fall foliage change explodes the hardwoods into jaw-dropping displays. And the sunsets are to die […]Read More

An RV visit to Michigan’s UP

Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is a small motorhome owner’s delight, with little bays, promontories, nooks and wilderness crannies to explore in the up-close style that Class B RVers prefer. We visit the UP in all seasons, several times a year. Our favorite was this past February when, on one of the 12 sites they plow at […]Read More

RVing in the wintertime

We're just back from a 1,100 mile RV trip that took us across Michigan's Upper Peninsula – in the wintertime. We headquartered our trip in Marquette, where we got a chance to take in all the excitement around the annual UP200 dog sled race, one of the nation's premier such events, a qualifying race for […]Read More