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A Quick Trip and How a Roadtrek Can Bond

Some friends you have for a short while and then you both move on. Other friends fall into the category “Friends for Life”. I moved to San Diego in 1984. Right after I got here I joined the Moreton Bay Fig All Women's Morris Dance Team. I met Thelma. She and I have danced, hiked and […]Read More

014 Roadtreking RV Podcast – Great News About Falling Gas Prices

In this episode of Roadtreking the RV Podcast, we report on tumbling gas prices across North America, what it means to travelers, and predictions that fuel prices across North America will keep falling well into 2015. Plus, we received some great listener questions and feedback, including a highly unusual use for an RV. There is […]Read More

Spontaneous Roadtreking

We’re the traveling trio- Olga, Laura and Ruka. Olga (stands for Old Ladies Get Aound)  is my comfy-ever-ready-super-cool-traveling machine that makes me feel a little bit like Dr. Who?, because I get in with my dog, Ruka, and we don’t quite know where we are going to end up or what’s in store. Take this […]Read More

A Roadtreking Happy Thanksgiving

It's Thanksgiving in the U.S., a few weeks after our Canadian friends celebrated their nation's holiday of the same name. A tradition at our family is that as we gather round the Thanksgiving dinner table – and yes, we always do turkey and all the trimmings – each one of us says what we are […]Read More

8,000 Miles, Still Learning

I am traveling west. Last night I camped in the Badlands of South Dakota. Mmmm, what a lovely place. I met up with another Roadtreking threesome which was delightful. Dinner is so much nicer when shared with others. This morning as I meandered through the National Park a dashboard indicator light came on. I admit, […]Read More

Tell me where to go: Help plan my RV trip to Wyoming

It's time to head west to Wyoming and, eventually, Yellowstone National Park. And this year, instead of repeating past routes, I thought it would be fun to get your suggestions, to crowd source our trip by drawing on the collected wisdom of our readers. In other words, tell me where to go. Here's the particulars: […]Read More

KOA re-brands itself according to facilities and amenities

One of the biggest surprises we had last year in our travels was with KOA – Kampgrounds of America. On our trip west and then on other meanderings over the season, we had the opportunity of staying at about a dozen KOA campgrounds across the U.S. They were all good experiences, to be sure, but […]Read More

Boondock RVing makes for the perfect getaway, despite the UFO

Sometimes, it's those spur-of-the-moment getaways that make for the best RVing. So it was this past weekend when we headed to northern Michigan and did some boondocking – camping on our own, in no designated camp space, with no commercial hookups. It was perhaps the best experience we've had in our RV all year, made even more fun […]Read More

Three weeks in an RV: 12 lessons learned on the road

The RV is washed and cleaned now, squashed bugs rubbed off the front end, clothes and supplies unpacked, rugs vacuumed, fridge emptied. Here's our stats: 5,209 miles driven in 12 states. Fuel cost –  $941; Campground cost – $650 Now, three days after returning from a three-week trip out west – we're both ready for […]Read More

The “Dog Divide” – Traveling with a dog in an RV

We have a dilemma as we prepare for a very long extended trip west in our Roadtrek: Should we take our dog, Tai, an eight-year-old , 70 pound Norwegian Elkhound? There are a lot of pros and cons and, beneath the surface, strong feelings among a lot of campers and campground owners. First, I need […]Read More

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