13 Best Coffee Makers for RV Travel

Coffee-loving RV travelers have plenty of options but here are the best coffee makers for RV travel in 2021. If you’re like me you love coffee. I’m actually drinking it right now as I write this.  For me, a coffee maker is a must-bring for a trip in my RV. Just because you are out […]Read More

RV Podcast #336: Cicadas, the Canadian border and Rootless Living

We have a lot for you in this report: We talk about the coming cicada invasion, the Canadian border, and Rootless Living. After being closed for more than a year, disturbing new reports are surfacing that have many wondering when will the U.S. Canada border reopen for RVers.  That's one of many topics we explore […]Read More

7 Must-Haves for Your First RV Trip

You’re burning to hit the road on your first RV trip. Here’s what you need to pack before you get going. Jennifer and I took our first RV trip a long time ago, but I still remember feeling a bit intimidated about what we needed for our inaugural trip.  I can relate to the temptation […]Read More

6 Super Easy Tips on How to care for RV Solar Panels

We're often asked how to care for RV solar panels and what we have to do to keep them working. The answer is… hardly anything. They really take care of themselves, pretty much. I'm not the sort that likes to do unnecessary maintenance. So when it comes to solar,  all I do is clean them […]Read More

Awesome camping in the UP: Michigan’s stunning Upper Peninsula

Camping in the UP – Michigan’s Upper Peninsula – is an RV owner’s delight, with little bays, promontories, nooks, and wilderness crannies to explore in the up-close style that RVers prefer. We visit the UP in all seasons, several times a year. Yes, we even visit in the winter, when heavy snow as deep as […]Read More

Hidden Saint Stephen’s Church – Land Between the Lakes in Kentucky

In this off-the-beaten-path report, Tom and Patti Burkett take us to a hidden church in the Land Between the Lakes. If you drive a long, narrow, dirt and gravel road, without a name, almost to the edge of the Cumberland River, you can just get to Saint Stephen’s Church.   The trim white one-room building is […]Read More

The 3 Best RV Bedding Solutions [REVIEW and VIDEO]

The most important part of an RV just may be the bed. That's why we have come up with the three best RV bedding solutions that we think will give you a great night's sleep! Now before you read on, let me say right off the top that these are the best… meaning they are […]Read More

5 Fun Things to Do While Sanibel Island RV Camping

Curious about Sanibel Island RV camping? Here's what to know…and what to see on this awesome island! There is a lot to do in the greater Fort Myers area (where almost all of the campgrounds are located) but every time Jennifer and I are here, we spend the majority of our time out on Sanibel […]Read More

3 of the Best Blue Ridge Parkway RV Camping Sites

Blue Ridge Parkway RV camping offers nonstop activities or peaceful seclusion. The Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia boasts a treasure trove of scenic overlooks of the Appalachian Mountains, outdoor activities, and of course camping sites that make it worthy of the label “America’s Favorite Drive.” Spanning 469 miles from Shenandoah National Park to North Carolina’s […]Read More

3 Powerful Steps on How to Make the RV Lifestyle a Reality

When it comes to how to make the RV Lifestyle a reality, it's as simple a matter as deciding “I will.” Not “someday.” Not “I hope.” I will. That's what our guests on this week's podcast said. And did. And today, Lisa Maas and her husband Dr. Gary Daniel, are traveling the nation in a […]Read More

Enjoy Cooking on the Road – Food Storage in Your RV

This “Cooking on the Road” article originally posted in 2013 by Guest author Campskunk – Updated in 2021 When we made the transition from a sticks and bricks house to fulltiming three years ago, one thing that didn't change much was the menu. I had wooed my beautiful bride with my cooking during our courtship […]Read More

How to Sanitize Your RV Fresh Water System (Safe and Super Easy)

Here's how to sanitize your RV's fresh water system to stay healthy in your travels. Don’t worry, it’s easy!  We can sometimes take clean water for granted, but when camping, we rely on our fresh water system for drinking and bathing. It’s important to remember that our RV’s fresh water system can become our main […]Read More

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