Essential Newbie RV Advice: Just For Men

Time for some Essential Newbie RV Advice For Men aimed at smoothing out the bumps of RV travel and getting along with your wife or significant other in your RV  This is Mike, writing some newbie RV advice just for men. Jennifer offered her newbie RV advice for women in a previous post. Now it's […]Read More

The awesome Synchronous Fireflies of Congaree National Park

It's an amazing sight that happens every May around this time: a mystery of nature known as the synchronous fireflies display. It happens in the Congaree National Park in South Carolina. Each year the fireflies somehow are able to coordinate their blinking to turn on and their lights at precisely the same time. Thousands upon […]Read More

6 essential tips on how to work remotely from an RV

As RVers who are on the road almost three-quarters of the time, we've been doing work remotely from an RV since 2012.  With so many RVers still under stay-at-home and shelter in place orders, we have some easy suggestions that will help you navigate all the ins and outs of not being able to physically […]Read More

Ultimate Harvest Host Review on what to expect

Curious about Harvest Hosts? Here's our ultimate Harvest Host review featuring a podcast interview and videos of what you can expect at a Harvest Host location. By now, everyone's heard of Harvest Hosts, that awesome membership service that lets RVers stay overnight for free at leading wineries, farms, golf courses, and tourist attractions. But it's […]Read More

Helpful Newbie RV Advice: Just For Women

Jennifer's Newbie RV Advice: Just For Women This is Jennifer writing. And guys… this isn't for you. I'm writing to RVing women. This advice is for all women RVers but probably geared mostly towards women who are RVing with a husband or significant other who is maybe just a bit more enthusiastic than they are. […]Read More

First – Getting Your RV Ready for Travel Again

This week on the podcast, we talk about getting your RV ready for travel again. For most RVers, it’s been a long wait and their RVers have been just sitting there waiting for the 2020 RV travel season. We tell you what we do to prepare our RV and hear from Tim Marriott, our mechanic […]Read More

1 Safe Short Camping Trip – in our RV again!

Man, it is good to be traveling again. We didn't go far, from Northwest Florida to Southwest Georgia. And we didn't stay long, just one night. But we got away for a quick camping trip that provided a welcome change of pace from the lockdown blues. Georgia and Florida have both greatly relaxed their coronavirus […]Read More

Dreamy Lemon Pie – Yummy RV Recipe

Here's a simple RV recipe for a homemade lemon pie – simple to bake whether you are at home or in your RV.  Our RV Lifestyle reporter and chef, Mary Jane Curry knows how to come up with something yummy! This recipe comes together in a snap using a few pantry items and some fresh […]Read More