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Mike’s Top 5 Places to Visit in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

If you are a regular reader, you know Jennifer and I love to RV across Michigan's pristine Upper Peninsula – the UP – where big towns simply aren’t, and the scenery is jaw-dropping gorgeous with lots of forests, lakes and streams and, of course, the Big Lake, Superior, which some say is the coldest, deepest fresh […]Read More

Great Lakes Shoreline Tour: Superior’s North Shore

Of all the traveling we’ve done on this 4,000-mile Verizon Great Lakes Roadtreking Shoreline Tour, Lake Superior’s North Shore in Wisconsin and Minnesota has provided the most diverse scenery to date. Up there, as we rounded the US-side of the lake and started heading north to Canada, especially north of Duluth, we were overwhelmed by […]Read More

RV Destination: Michigan’s buggy Bois Blanc Island

Scratch another place off my bucket list: Bois Blanc Island, in the middle of Michigan's Straits of Mackinac, half way between the Upper Peninsula and the Lower. As we were rounding the Lake Huron shoreline of the Michigan Mitt and driving through the northeastern town of Cheboygan on our Verizon Great Lakes Shoreline Tour, we […]Read More

The Great Lakes Shoreline Tour: Lakes Ontario and Erie

I always knew I was lucky to live in Michigan, the very heart of the Great Lakes. But until I started this drive along the shoreline of all five Great Lakes, I didn’t realize how fortunate I truly am to call this area home. I also didn’t realize how interconnected they are. From a hydrological […]Read More

The Great Lakes Roadtreking Shoreline Tour

We're about to set off on a 3,500 mile trip that will take us farther than if we drove across country, from the Atlantic to the Pacific. And although we till visit eight states, we will never really leave the Midwest. We'll be driving much of the U.S. shorelines that touches the five Great Lakes. […]Read More

Michigan’s UP in the fall and Twelvemile Beach

This is the time to “come up to da UP,” as the Yoopers like to say. The flies and mosquitoes are gone, so are the crowds and the whole peninsula is bursting with bright yellows and reds as the annual fall foliage change explodes the hardwoods into jaw-dropping displays. And the sunsets are to die […]Read More

3 Reasons to visit Michigan by RV

I am headed back home from a wonderful tour with my great friend and fellow RT owner, Laura, a Michigan native whom I met at the Branson Corporate Rally in May. We kept in touch on the Roadtreking: The Group  Facebook page and I managed to wrangle an invitation for a personal tour of her […]Read More

Howling for Wolves in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

One of the reasons so many RVers love Michigan's Upper Peninsula is because of all the wildlife. And in recent years, the chance, albeit slim, of seeing a wolf has been at least a possibility that has made the place pretty exciting. For the introduction of the grey wolf into Michigan's Upper Peninsula is one […]Read More

An RV visit to Michigan’s UP

Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is a small motorhome owner’s delight, with little bays, promontories, nooks and wilderness crannies to explore in the up-close style that Class B RVers prefer. We visit the UP in all seasons, several times a year. Our favorite was this past February when, on one of the 12 sites they plow at […]Read More

The battle of the bugs in Michigan’s UP

I have a serious bone to pick with whoever calls Michigan’s Upper Peninsula a paradise. Not this trip. This RV adventure was a battle of the bugs. And while it looks pretty out the window of the motorcoach, venture outside and you are fair game for swarms of insects that see you as smorgasbord. The […]Read More

Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore and Grand Marais

Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore from Mike Wendland on Vimeo. The heat wave that enveloped the nation's midsection this summer was just the excuse we needed to pack up the Roadtrek and head north, nearly 400 miles from our suburban Detroit home to one of the most spectacular stretches of undeveloped wilderness coastline found anywhere in […]Read More

In Michigan’s U.P. – No black flies (yet)

We're on the shore of Lake Superior in Grand Marais, MI and I should have known the gorgeous weather and postcard-picture Lake Superior sunset we watched  last night comes with a cost when the campground manager asked if I wanted to be in the Fourth of July parade. “What would I do.” I asked. “The […]Read More

Camping Michigan’s Tip of the Thumb State Parks

The weather report was far from encouraging. Saner souls stayed home. But we had planned to take the Roadtrek camping this past weekend and since weekend commitments for the next few weeks made it our only opportunity for some time, we decided to take our chances. Off we went. Gone was the 90 degree Michigan […]Read More

Master Making Plans for Boondocking

When Dr. Seuss wrote “Oh, the places you’ll go!” he probably wasn’t thinking about making plans for boondocking in your RV. But ever since Jennifer and I started boondocking several years ago we decided that he should have been! As many of you know, boondocking has been our preferred method of RVing and camping ever […]Read More