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"campskunk" is a blissfully retired former public servant who has left the challenges of how to run the government to younger and less cynical hands, and wanders the continent in his Roadtrek Class B RV with his wife and cat. In addition to his work in the public sector, he has also at various times been a mechanic and delivery driver, skills which come in handy in his new role. Because his former job involved the forensic evaluation and sometimes the subsequent detention of some not-so-nice people, he uses the name campskunk instead of his legal name on the Internet. His was not the type of job where customer service feedback would be welcome.

Boondocking the Pacific Coast Highway North of Ft Bragg, CA

Finally! After over a month of working our way up the California coast from Cambria on Highway 1, the Pacific Coast Highway, we've hit a stretch where you can honest to goodness boondock – camp right on the side of the highway overlooking the ocean. There were spots here and there north of Santa Cruz […]Read More

RT65 Planning your 2016 RV Boondocking Adventures

It's the time when many RVers start dreaming and planning about the places they'll visit in the coming new year. For many this year, that means more off-the-grid boondocking wilderness experiences, far from the crowds and in beautiful places where one can be close to nature. But boondocking poses its own special problems and in […]Read More

“Boondocking” in Closed National Forest Campgrounds

This is great – all the benefits of campgrounds, and none of the drawbacks. They’re closed, yet open. Fall camping in the Yellowstone Ecosystem can be just as solitary as you want it to be, thanks to the Forest Service’s practice of leaving the gates to the campgrounds open after they have closed them for […]Read More

Boondocking the South Oregon Coast Part 2

Since my original post on boondocking the south Oregon coast I have had some concerns voiced by people who are afraid they can't find the exact spots I'm talking about. If you have the gypsy's eye for a good place to pull in and stay a while it's easy, but if you're used to a […]Read More

Boondocking in Montana’s Beartooth Mountains

What a week it was. Nearly 100 Roadtrekers from across the country boondocked in a national forest about 12 miles southwest of the mountain community of Red Lodge, learning everything from night sky photography to taking photos of wildlife. Along the way we hiked (a lot), made new friends, received a great gift of a […]Read More

RT39 Roadtreking RV Podcast: Boondocking 101

In this episode we talk about what you need to know about boondocking in your RV. [spp-player] Live from the “Roadtreking Montana Boondocking in the Beartooth Mountains Photo Safari,” we discuss the ins and outs of RV boondocking. We interview RT Campskunk, the Zenmaster of RV boondocking, who tells us the lessons he's learned from […]Read More

The Ultimate Boondocking RV system

We RVers do like to take our outdoor toys with us. And a lot of us like to dry camp, boondocking far from commercial campgrounds, deep in the wilderness where we can play with our kayaks, canoes and mountain bikes. But how do you carry all that gear? And more importantly, how do you handle […]Read More

RV Boondocking in non-traditional ways

When we talk about boondocking in an RV, we usually mean dry camping, off the grid camping in out of the way, wilderness areas, far from civilization and deep in the boonies. Indeed, for Jennifer and I, that is our favorite place to be. But that's not the only place to be. As I write […]Read More

Boondocking vs RV time shares

Have you ever been invited to a Time Share talk? You know the ones I am talking about, you get lured in with all the special gifts they will offer and hopefully you will buy into a vacation time share condo. I have never gone to one. Today, however, I went to a 5 star […]Read More

RV Boondocking Near Silverton, CO – Maggie Gulch

Last week I wrote about our two week RV boondocking stay on Mineral Creek, three miles west of Silverton, Colorado. After getting run out of there by all the fifth wheelers showing up for the 4th of July weekend, we decamped to another spot about five miles north of town on Bureau of Land Management […]Read More

Boondocking Near Silverton, CO – Mineral Creek

It's too late in the season to be talking about camping at 10,000 feet now, but let me tell you about a place you'll think of fondly as the temperature in the lowlands rises next summer. We found this place by accident, looking for a Forest Service campground a little further down the road, and […]Read More

Mesa Verde National Park – Great for boondocking

The Morefield Campground at Mesa Verde National Park is nestled into a scenic canyon some four and a half miles off US 160 from the park entrance. With 267 sites, it seldom fills up. That's because all but 15 are for dry camping only and of the 15 with full hookups, none accomodate RVs over […]Read More