The awful truth of Bugs in the UP: Biting black and stable flies

In the summer, there are a lot of bugs in the UP! All that beauty comes with a cost. Summer is Biting black and stable flies season. I had no idea there were two distinct species tormenting folks up there until our visit. Bugs in the UP can be terrible! Technically, we're talking about two […]Read More

Handy apps for the Open Road

Open road apps from Mike Wendland on Vimeo. Instead of huge guidebooks or trying to fold and refold paper maps, our smartphones and tablets can get us to our destination with ease, making sure we don’t miss anything interesting along the way. I did a recent NBC-TV PC Mike segment on  two very handy and […]Read More

Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore and Grand Marais

Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore from Mike Wendland on Vimeo. The heat wave that enveloped the nation's midsection this summer was just the excuse we needed to pack up the Roadtrek and head north, nearly 400 miles from our suburban Detroit home to one of the most spectacular stretches of undeveloped wilderness coastline found anywhere in […]Read More

On-the-road connectivity is an issue

I've been largely pleased with using my iPad to create a Verizon wireless WiFi hotspot for on-the-road Internet. Until this past weekend, that is,  when I basically went off-the-grid in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. While I have had 3G connectivity in the tiny town of Grand Marais, it seems to go in and out as the […]Read More

In Michigan’s U.P. – No black flies (yet)

We're on the shore of Lake Superior in Grand Marais, MI and I should have known the gorgeous weather and postcard-picture Lake Superior sunset we watched  last night comes with a cost when the campground manager asked if I wanted to be in the Fourth of July parade. “What would I do.” I asked. “The […]Read More

FMCA free campground is a very nice perk

FMCA free campground is a nice perk from Mike Wendland on Vimeo. Are you a member of the Family Motor Coach Association? While there's lots of benefits, here's one a lot of people are unaware of: A great, full hookup campground in Cincinnati that is absolutely free to members. I pulled in the other night […]Read More

Another reason to choose an RV: No Hotel room E. coli

Here's another reason to be glad you have an RV to sleep in when on the road. Thanks to Ron, who posted this ABC News story on the Cyberrally email blast from the Roadtrek International group: Picking up the remote control in a hotel room may also mean picking  up fecal matter, a new study […]Read More

Make your RV battery last longer: Swap out old bulbs for LED lights

Installing LED lights in an RV from Mike Wendland on Vimeo. More and more, we're using our Roadtrek for boondocking, or dry camping – living off the power in our batteries or onboard generator rather than the electrical hookups found in most commercial and state parks. Out in the sticks, or even in a WalMart […]Read More

Class B RV’s are the rage as Class A owners downsize

I've talked to several of the nation's biggest RV dealers this week as I've looked into upgrading my 2006 Roadtrek RS-Adventurous to a newer model. The dealers all remarked on how hot Class B RVs were right now. That's because a lot of Class A owners are downsizing. They're tired of the sheer work involved […]Read More

Another reason we like our Roadtrek: Mobility

A couple of times, we've wondered if we were right to have gone with a Class B motor home instead of a much roomier Class A. The truth is, for what we paid for our Roadtrek RS-Adventurous, we could have bought a Class A that is twice as big. Today, I've realized why a B […]Read More

Camping Michigan’s Tip of the Thumb State Parks

The weather report was far from encouraging. Saner souls stayed home. But we had planned to take the Roadtrek camping this past weekend and since weekend commitments for the next few weeks made it our only opportunity for some time, we decided to take our chances. Off we went. Gone was the 90 degree Michigan […]Read More

eBags: The best way to pack and carry your clothes

In an RV, space is at a premium. And few things take up more room that suitcases packed with clothes. That's where eBags Packing Cubes come in so handy. We heard about them from fellow RVers who sang the praises of this very affordable way to pack and carry clothes on an RV trip. Some […]Read More

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