The Open Mike RV Tour West: Yellowstone’s majesty

Today was a big day. Everything at Yellowstone is big. Very big. We had every intention of driving the upper loop today, another 100 miler after the 100-mile lower lop we did yesterday. But, as we suspect is common at Yellowstone, we got waylaid by the grandeur and lingered over the attractions we were passing. […]Read More

The Open Mike RV Tour West Arrives at Yellowstone

My eyes hurt. Yellowstone National Park is so beautiful, so big, so geographically and geologically diverse that after 12 hours of hiking, photographing and standing around this park with our eyes open that we're overwhelmed. The video above was taken right at sunset…that's why it's dark. But it was so cool I had to show […]Read More

The Open Mike RV Tour West continues… with still more problems

The good news is, after spending $2,412.95 at the Mercedes dealer in Billings, MT, our Roadtrek is fixed. Sort of. The new turbo vane motor and a turbo resonator have been installed, though Mercedes calls the later a Noise Silencer. Whatever. They insist that the things they repaired were the sources of my problem when […]Read More

The Open Mike RV Tour West: The Black Hills are Turning Red

Blame it on a beetle. A massive infestation of the pine beetle is killing off staggering stands of the dark green, majestic mountain pines that give the rolling hills their name. It's happening fast and although the National Park Service has launched an extensive tree thinning and treatment program, the beetle is winning. The forest […]Read More

The Beautiful Badlands – The Open Mike RV Tour continues

I don't know why they call it the Badlands. It's big and wild and rugged and beautiful. I guess if I were on horseback, or trying tp pull a wagon train, or being chased by Indians here, maybe the name would fit. But after driving it in my Roadtrek, peddling it on my mountain bike […]Read More

America’s River Makes for a Great Picnic Spot

They call it America's River – the Mississippi – flowing 2,300 miles from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico. It's big and busy, with barges and riverboats and pleasure craft. And along a great little bicycle path hard on the eastern banks of the Mississippi in Rock Island, Ill., we parked the Roadtrek, fired up […]Read More

Taking my RV in for a checkup

Like the nervous feeling we get when we visit a doctor's office for a check-up, so it is when we take our RVs in for service. There's so much that could be wrong. But just as we feel relieved and elated when we leave the doctor with a clean bill of health, so we want […]Read More

Leisure Travel Vans intros new Sprinter model with slide

Leisure Travel Vans has announced it's new Sprinter van – the Free Spirit SS. It is billed as having the first slide for a living room in a Type B and a three-piece dry bathroom with shower. For a Video tour go to this link. The video is pretty extensive with a lot of hyperbole. […]Read More

The “Dog Divide” – Traveling with a dog in an RV

We have a dilemma as we prepare for a very long extended trip west in our Roadtrek: Should we take our dog, Tai, an eight-year-old , 70 pound Norwegian Elkhound? There are a lot of pros and cons and, beneath the surface, strong feelings among a lot of campers and campground owners. First, I need […]Read More

My on-the-road blogging and video tech gear

I get lots of requests for suggestions and recommendations on the tech gear I use to capture and blog the reports I'm doing out on the road. So for everyone interested, here's the tech gear I take with me on-the-road: My main video camera: I use the Canon Xixia HFG10 HD Camcorder. This is a […]Read More

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