Where shall we go Roadtreking? The Road beckons.

As we finish up outfitting our RV, the road is calling. I just edited a little promo video that we'll use for our video report intros and to hopefully get the attention of some potential sponsors. It's attached to this post. Now, where shall we go? What would you like us to discover and report […]Read More

Replacing the TV in the Roadtrek

Our 2006 Roadtrek RS-Adventurous came with an analog TV, a converter and an old analog DVD player. It was cumbersome, at best to watch TV and the image size and format just looked wrong on the old TV. So it was time for an upgrade. To replace it, I found a great deal on a […]Read More

RV Dreaming? Fulltime wanderlust

Still geeked from the maiden trip in our new Roadtrek, I find myself sneaking out to the driveway and just sitting it it, marveling at how cool it is, fantasizing about the places it will take us. The mark of a newbie, eh? Bet some of you RV veterans do the same thing. My wife […]Read More

Video: RV accessories

Boats and houses aren't the only “money pits.” RVs, we're learning, is an RV. Still, half the fun of RVing is enhancing the experience with handy extras. I have a long list of things we're planning on getting or already have. In this video, I show you the first three major purchases we've made – […]Read More

Lessons learned from first long Roadtrek Trip

In all, we traveled about 2,300 miles through seven states – from Michigan to Florida, and back. It was our first trip in the Roadtrek and here are my takeaways from the long drive and four nights of sleeping in the rig: It drives best between 65-70 mph. I did all but a hundred or […]Read More

A Blue Highway Day

I've always loved traveling backroads. The Blue Highway routes first memorialized  by William Least Heat-Moon whose account of his journey along the back roads of the United States was first published in 1982. I've read all sorts of other books of a similar theme over the years, like John Steinbacks 1960 book Travels with Charley […]Read More

We’ll Chose State Parks From Now On

Here's the first major lesson we've learned about where to camp: Toss the giant Woodall's campground guide and choose state parks. I'm posting this from the Henry Horton State Park in Tennessee, about 40 miles south and east of Nashville after a 400 mile series of horrendous traffic jams up I-65 from Florida. We scoured […]Read More

Michigan…we’re heading back

Usually, there's nothing but sadness when a long family vacation ends. And as we watched our two sons, their wives and our grandkids pack up and leave the beachhouse we've shared on Florida's Emerald Coast for the past week, there indeed was sadness to see such a wonderful time come to a close late this […]Read More

Florida: Here we are

We made it. 1,100 miles to Grayton Beach, FL. The Roadtrek is now locked and parked behind the beach house we're staying at with our two sons, their wives and kids. The whole way from Michigan to Florida was a series of on again and off again gridlock, as spring breakers flocked from winter weary […]Read More

A Long, tough day on the road

It was a dreadful drive today with horrendous traffic, torrential cloudbursts, construction detours and missed meals. But the good news is that annoying leak at the anode rod near the hot water heater that dripped all the way down I-75 yesterday, somehow healed itself today. And the Roadtrek handled just fine, despite all that the […]Read More

On the road with the first trip in our Roadtrek

My wife Jennifer calls it our “tent on wheels.” She means it in a nice way. “When the curtains and blinds are pulled, you can't even tell this is a motor home,” she just noted. She's right. As I write this, we are really roadtreking in our Roadtrek, on the road and snugly ensconced in […]Read More

Squeaks, rattles and the minor issues.

Maybe this is what I need? A friend sent me this picture suggesting it as an alternative to my Roadtrek. Amazing. Apparently, it's the real deal. That second story must be like a pop up. I think I'll stick to my RT. I spent yesterday driving the RT to and from work and back again […]Read More

It’s in the Driveway!

Today was delivery day and my new, previously owned 2006 Roadtrek RS-Adventurous is sitting in my driveway. It is now officially, paid in full, ours. I feel like I've been drinking at the proverbial firehose. Even though our dealer orientation lasted the better part of two hours, there was so much to take in, so […]Read More

The night before delivery: Making lists

At 1:30 tomorrow afternoon, I take my first drive in our new previously owned Roadttrek RS-Adventurous, driving eight miles home from the dealer. This afternoon, I cleared some low hanging limbs from a huge oak that hung over parts of the driveway and I worked on a Things-To-Buy list for the Roadtrek. Here's what I […]Read More

Planning our trips

One of the big reasons we bought the Roadtrek was to make a big trip out west.  Several in fact. Over the years with my job as a journalist, I've seen most of the country and much of the world. But I have always tended to parachute in, get there quick, get to where the […]Read More

So much to learn for an un-handyman

I am not sleeping much these days before delivery. See, I am not a mechanical guy. I am the un-handyman. Tech, I'm okay with. Electronics, so-so. But put a screwdriver or a hammer in my hand and more often than not my hand gets in the way and loses some skin or a fingernail. I've […]Read More

RV the movie: Gulp! Is this what I’m in for?

Getting ready to get my Roadtrek. Found this hilarious movie called RV by Robin Williams. Above is a link to the whole thing on YouTube. The movie was released in 2006 – the year of my Roadtrek. It's about a guy whose family is less than excited about their big RV trio. He's also heavily […]Read More