On the road with the first trip in our Roadtrek

My wife Jennifer calls it our “tent on wheels.” She means it in a nice way. “When the curtains and blinds are pulled, you can't even tell this is a motor home,” she just noted. She's right. As I write this, we are really roadtreking in our Roadtrek, on the road and snugly ensconced in […]Read More

Squeaks, rattles and the minor issues.

Maybe this is what I need? A friend sent me this picture suggesting it as an alternative to my Roadtrek. Amazing. Apparently, it's the real deal. That second story must be like a pop up. I think I'll stick to my RT. I spent yesterday driving the RT to and from work and back again […]Read More

It’s in the Driveway!

Today was delivery day and my new, previously owned 2006 Roadtrek RS-Adventurous is sitting in my driveway. It is now officially, paid in full, ours. I feel like I've been drinking at the proverbial firehose. Even though our dealer orientation lasted the better part of two hours, there was so much to take in, so […]Read More

The night before delivery: Making lists

At 1:30 tomorrow afternoon, I take my first drive in our new previously owned Roadttrek RS-Adventurous, driving eight miles home from the dealer. This afternoon, I cleared some low hanging limbs from a huge oak that hung over parts of the driveway and I worked on a Things-To-Buy list for the Roadtrek. Here's what I […]Read More

Planning our trips

One of the big reasons we bought the Roadtrek was to make a big trip out west.  Several in fact. Over the years with my job as a journalist, I've seen most of the country and much of the world. But I have always tended to parachute in, get there quick, get to where the […]Read More

So much to learn for an un-handyman

I am not sleeping much these days before delivery. See, I am not a mechanical guy. I am the un-handyman. Tech, I'm okay with. Electronics, so-so. But put a screwdriver or a hammer in my hand and more often than not my hand gets in the way and loses some skin or a fingernail. I've […]Read More

RV the movie: Gulp! Is this what I’m in for?

Getting ready to get my Roadtrek. Found this hilarious movie called RV by Robin Williams. Above is a link to the whole thing on YouTube. The movie was released in 2006 – the year of my Roadtrek. It's about a guy whose family is less than excited about their big RV trio. He's also heavily […]Read More

Almost ours

Monday is when we take possession. We have a previously scheduled Florida vacation scheduled with family for the week after and will be driving down three days after we take possession. So do we take the new Roadtrek? Is a Michigan-to-Florida trip a little too ambitious for our first outing? Jennifer wants to slowly get […]Read More

Fighting Buyer’s Doubt

It was a sleepless night. After a year of searching, we bought a Roadtrek RS-Adventurous. We knew we wanted used – can anyone afford these things new? – and we've looked and looked. Finally, we found the Roadtrek of our dreams: a 2006 in absolute pristine condition with just 54,000 miles on it. We put […]Read More