When it comes to Bison at Yellowstone, Don’t be Stupid!

There’s nothing like the sight of one of Yellowstone National Park’s magnificent bison to slow traffic. These shaggy giants seem oblivious to the traffic. They cross the road where they want. They go where they want. The National Park service says humans need to stay far away from bison. But they don’t. People, in quest […]Read More

There’s a dusting of snow on my RV

The first accumulating snow of the season fell last night near my Michigan home and as I look out at my motorhome sitting on the driveway, I swear I hear it calling me to get out of town and get warm. Alas, as I look out, that's all I can do. Look. I'm standing with […]Read More

The Original RV – The Covered Wagon

We RVers have our heritage and it really starts on Interstate 80 in Nebraska, America’s heartland. That's where the Great Platte River Trail became the Oregon Trail…The California Trail… the 49ers Trail…the Mormon Trail. This was the pioneer route that linked east to west. And today,  spanning the interstate near the mid-Nebraska town of Kearney, […]Read More

This year, I’m planning on winter camping

We're in early November now and while the ground is still bare, nighttime temps are regularly dropping to the upper 20's in my part of Michigan. The leaves are all off the trees and snow can happen any day now. Out on the interstates, I see a steady stream of motorhomes, travel trailers and fifth […]Read More

I now have my own drone

One of the benefits of being a tech reporter is getting cool new tech toys to test out. To that end, check out the video above. It's the first test video I shot with something called the AR.Drone 2, a personal quadricopter drone that sells for ls than $300 and is controlled by your iPad […]Read More

How to winterize your Roadtrek Class B RV: VIDEO

There's no stopping it. Winter is here and for RVers in northern climates, it's time to winterize. Making sure your the plumbing system in your RV is protected against the cold is essential and if it's not done right, serious damage can occur. There are lots of ways to winterize your Roadtrek. Some Class B […]Read More

The Nav-6: SUV/Minivan/RV and more

Of all the different Roadtrek models out there, one of the most distinctive is the new NAV-6, an SUV that can be used as an RV. It's really category-defying. A luxury SUV on the Nissan 2500 frame, it is expertly tricked out by Roadtrek with a built in kitchenette, complete with microwave, refrigerator, TV and […]Read More

Who says there aren’t deals out there?

I don't usually write about the good deals I come across out there but a new listing on the American RV site caught my eye. It's for a brand new 2012 Roadtrek 190 Popular. New, it has a MSRP of $95,725. Used, it has a NADA price of $87,680. American RV in Grand Rapids, MI is […]Read More

Every RVers worst nightmare: When your dog gets skunked

We're not going camping this weekend. Blame it on a skunk. That's because the night before we were to leave, Tai, our Norwegian Elkhound, was tagged at close range by a strolling skunk that has declared our front lawn his territory, despite the grey and black furball that patrols it with vigor. It was a […]Read More

If Fuel gets too costly there’s always the Camper Bike

Gas and diesel prices are a drag allright and RV trips cost more and more. But if you don't mind downsizing, there's always the Camper Bike. Designed and built by artist Kevin Cyr , the camper bike was made from scrap metal, painted and inspired from a series of his paintings and drawings. Cyr got the idea […]Read More

Shopping for an RV? An RV show is the place to start

Buying a motorhome or RV is not an impulse move. It takes a lit of time, a lot of fact-finding. Jim Hammill, president of Roadtrek Motorhomes, says the company has noted that from the time a person first contacts them about an RV to the time they register as an owner averages around one year. […]Read More

RVing Brings Unexpected Surprises

Lamb and wool festival from Mike Wendland on Vimeo. We headed up to Northern Michigan this past weekend to look at the fall colors, which were painting the hardwood forests in bright colors. It was close to peak color on the last weekend of September, one of the earliest times we can remember the color […]Read More

Roadtrek’s new RS E-Trek is Perfect for Boondocking

Maybe we should now use a new term for “Boondocking,” or dry camping in the wilderness without hookups or utilities. Maybe now we should call it “Boontreking.” That's my take after a hands-on look at the brand new, high tech and eco-friendly RS E-Trek, the latest addition to the Roadtrek family of motorhomes. I made […]Read More

Boondock RVing makes for the perfect getaway, despite the UFO

Sometimes, it's those spur-of-the-moment getaways that make for the best RVing. So it was this past weekend when we headed to northern Michigan and did some boondocking – camping on our own, in no designated camp space, with no commercial hookups. It was perhaps the best experience we've had in our RV all year, made even more fun […]Read More

Roadtrek’s new E-Trek

Roadtrek has announced a new environmentally-friendly and technologically-advanced model on the Sprinter chasis called the RS E-Trek. Boondockers are going to love it. Roadtrek says pricing is forthcoming but it expected to start at about $122,000. Here's the official release: Roadtrek Motorhomes Inc is pleased to announce a new model, the RS E-Trek. This new […]Read More