The story of Serendipity RVing

“How'd you end up doing this?” If I could have had a quarter for every time we've been asked that about our RV blog we could buy another motorhome. But since enough people seem to be interested….Here's how: This Roadtreking RV blog is a dream come true for me. Decades in the making, but now being […]Read More

New all-season Roadtrek Popular 190 Anniversary Edition Revealed

Roadtrek Motorhomes has released a new all-season, solar-powered 40th Anniversary edition of it's 190 Popular coach that features a redesigned, higher interior and a stunning Mocha Steel tri-coat paint job that looks like diamonds have been embedded into the finish. Roadtrek President Jim Hammill says the new model, revealed to attendees at the corporate anniversary […]Read More

Every RVer has a bucket list

We all have places we want to see, to explore and experience. A bucket list. At the 40th Anniversary rally of Roadtrek Motorhomes in Branson, MO, no matter how experienced a traveler we found, we also found that every traveler still has a bucket list. Just ask the question… what’s on your bucket list?  You’ll […]Read More

Making your RV personal

At first glance, the 250-plus Roadtrek Class B motorhomes gathered at the 40th anniversary corporate rally in Branson, MO look alike. But when you start walking among them, you soon realize that these touring coaches are not as alike as you may have first thought. Each Roadtrek is tweaked, modified and personalized. To various degrees, of course. But all […]Read More

Branson Roadtrek rally celebrates 40 years of adventure

The 40th anniversary Roadtrek corporate rally is going on this week in Branson, MO, with more than 500 Roadtrek owners and 250 coaches gathered for a week's worth of fun celebrating the four decades the very popular Class B motorhomes have been sold. Attenders from across the US and Canada were greeted with cloudy skies […]Read More

Lambert’s Throwed Rolls: A Southern culinary icon

Just north of the Missouri “boot heel” is the small community of Sikeston, right off Interstate 57. It's a great place to overnight.  If you stay at the Hinton RV Park, they’ll arrange for a van to take you to dinner at a place you will not soon forget. On our visit, we were with […]Read More

Apps for on the road RV travel

The RV season is in full swing now with folks traveling to rallies, vacations and long weekend getaways. To help make those trips more fun and travel more convenient, I thought I'd share three more fun apps and web tools that I've been having fun with lately. This report was put together for my other […]Read More

How We Roll in Our RV – e-Books and frozen meals

In this week's edition of How We Roll in Our RV, readers want to know how we fight boredom while doing all that driving and what kind of meals we eat in our RV while traveling. Here's our video: I offer my suggestions on finding eBooks, something we both really enjoy listening to while making […]Read More

A heath and fitness spa that welcomes RVers

It's no secret that many of us RVers are, ah, shall I say, horizontally challenged?” With obesity already at epidemic levels and good, nutritious food hard enough to find, our laid back on-the-go nomadic travels can sure pack on the pounds. Sometimes, it's time to get re-programmed, to find a way to jump start a […]Read More

Driving an RV in heavy winds

I've never been one to worry much about the weather. If I have something planned and the blow-dryed weather guys on TV are breathlessly warning us that a snow storm or some weather situation is about to cause the sky to fall, I usually scoff and just go on with my plans. Weather forecasters like […]Read More

RVing in Hawaii: Not very common

RVing is a huge pastime across the U.S. in 49 of the 50 states. The one state where RVs are very hard to find is perhaps the most beautiful state: Hawaii There just is not a big RV presence there. One exception is Al Waterson, a popular entertainer, singer and actor who tools around the island of Oahu in […]Read More

Upgrading your RV to solar power

Advances in power management and solar power have made big news in the RV world of late, especially with the new eTrek and CS-Adventurous models built on the Mercedes Sprinter chasis by Roadtrek Motorhomes. New and efficient power control and management systems have put these advanced new Class B motorhomes on many a wish list […]Read More

Florida’s Emerald Coast is great RV destination

Florida’s panhandle is a special place. And the area from Panama on the East on to the Alabama border on the west may be the most special. It’s called the Emerald Coast, named after the stunning color of the Gulf of Mexico. Our base for this trip was the new Destin West RV Resort, located […]Read More

How We Roll in our RV – Episode #1

We get lots of questions about the places we go, the things we see and how we roll in our RV. Thus, this new reoccurring video feature, in which we'll try to do every week, answering reader questions e-mailed me here or via our Facebook Roadtreking page. In this first episode, Jennifer and I talk […]Read More

My RV is hangout heaven for soccer kids

We spent much of the weekend in Georgia at a soccer tournament one of my grandsons was playing in and found yet another use for our Roadtrek eTrek – as a place for the younger brothers and their friends to hang out in. It wasn't planned. They just sort of took it over once they […]Read More